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I got a pair of unused Wilwoods in my garage. They say "race use only" but I know they are good for cars 2800lbs and over. The mounting holes are just right, too. I always see some aftermarket race caliper packages in the magazines on Lingenfelters and Callaways. So, I'm wondering if maybe I should try 'em out on my '71. A buddy of mine knows a guy that has Nascar calipers for sale. I know that it is vitally important to use the proper pad compound for the street, but how about calipers? Is there any danger in using these babies on my Vette? Is it a matter of making sure there is enough vacuum or does it have more to do with brake line pressure and porportioning valves? I want less weight and higher performance, 'cause God knows I can be a demon :mad on the brakes. Let me hear from anyone who has gone down this route of modification.--Bullitt
Hey Bullit,
I called Eastwood when I was looking for some lighter weight calipers. They said they didn't make any for the C-3, period.
Although the bolt pattern may match up they may not have the muscle/endurance of the standard equipment ones.
Eastwood I think primarily make brakes for drag cars and street rods, not cars that use their brakes often and hard.
I know Stainless Steel Barkes makes a aluminum caliper. VBP says that they, although lighter, don't perform as well.
I have the top of the line calipers from VBP and am very happy with their performance.
I know that some of the aftermarket calipers out there are made primarily with road racing in mind. I was told yesterday, that the main problem with running these calipers on the street, was maintainence. Making sure that that they are cleaned externally for optimum performance. I think I may pick up the ones for sale, because they are pretty cheap. Maybe I'll use them or keep them in the background, if I ever get my Vette to a real road course. If anyone else has an opinion, please feel free to share. :) --Bullitt


I am pretty sure you will find that the brakes are not DOT approved for whatever reason. Therefore they can not be sold for street use. We have a local hydraulic supply company that makes high pressure brake lines mostly for race cars. Eventhough they are superior in quality to OEM, they can't sell them for street use. They are waiting for DOT approval now.

I would bet that these calipers are not much different. My buddy here has a GT1 car, and those brakes are awesome. They have like eight pistons per caliper. I bet you could stop a street car hard enough to fling the paint off the hood.

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