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Big Blocks-Fuel Mileage-What Are Your Numbers?


Jan 4, 2019
I've only owned one big block Chevy, actually two. 10 years ago I bought a 1988 Suburban 454 2 wheel drive, it was a rust bucket, and I sold it for parts. But I drove it a 125 miles to the new owners house, and the fuel mileage was probably under 10, even though I was driving a gentle 55 with cruise on. It was a 3/4 ton a 4.10 and a TH400, so it was probably spinning real good. When I was 20 years old I bought a for 72 Impala wagon, but that's too long ago to remember. So my interest is in fuel mileage. I know that high-performance people aren't supposed to worry about that kind of thing, but whenever I drive any of my mid-60s GM large engine full size survivors, I usually get around 15 16 mpg gallon at an easy 60 65 miles an hour. What's your experience with Corvette and fuel mileage?

Hib Halverson

Technical Writer for Internet & Print Media
Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
71 04 12 19
Best fuel mileage I ever saw with my C3 was just a scosh less than 17-mpg average on a drive from California to Arizona keeping it at the speed limit. The engine was a 460-in BBC with a self-tuned 850-Holley. Transmission was a Richmond single-overdrive, six-speed with a 3.08-rear end.

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
That's pretty good. I never checked the '67 427/390 coupe I had. Never had it on any long trips. Mostly around town. I did have a 1970 El Camino SS454 LS6 with M22 and a 3.55 rear. I drove that car 35 miles to work each way back in the early '70s when Indiana 2 lanes were still 65 MPH. If I drove easy and never opened the 4 bbl I could pull 14.5 mpg.


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