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I have heard about this group and I was wondering what they do? I have a black '79. Do they have a site?:confused
Vettart ~ The Sheep are just one of the many color-identified clubs that have sprung up in the last 18 months. I think the Black Sheep were one of the first to get going. Steel Half-Shafts gave you the link to the site.
There is a newsletter that goes out periodically and t-shirts, decals, etc. you can buy just to I.D. yourself as one of the Sheep.
Out here on the left side, ViperWiper is putting on an all-Black gathering at his house in just a few weeks, that I can't make because I"ll be on the way east to the NCM RENDEZVOUS.
Owners of Black Vettes have an appreciation for each other as we know how much we go thru to keep our rides looking their best :cool:...and really, does anything look better than BLACK ? :beer
A toast to those of us that spend way more time than we should polishing and dusting, but the results are ... :upthumbs
Something I had started to play with until The RENDEZVOUS came up was having a BLACK SHEEP REUNION at the Black Hills Corvette Rally in South Dakota. Now that is something that could be turned into a cool event, and maybe next year we can employ some other SHEEP to do some roadwork on this.
This is still a growing club with about 400 worldwide, but if you keep passing it on, it could become something that we can really do something with. In the meantime, here's to BLACK :drink
Join in with us and pass on the BLACKNESS to the Sheep that have not yet found a home !! :w
Black Sheep

Thanks for the info guys. Black is very beautiful and the Shark with the front and rear spoilers looks awesome when she's clean. Steel Shafts, thanks for the link. I will check it out.

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