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Body Side Moldings



My question is this: How are the body side moldings on 97-02 vettes attached? My hunch is they are simply affixed with a really sticky foam tape... I don't care for these moldings and would like to safely remove them from the car...

All of the nice C-5s I see for sale have the moldings... I hate passing on good cars just because they have those moldings... I have found a nice 99 Hardtop that I'd like to buy (12 k miles, $30,000) but I don't like the moldings...

Enough of my rambling.. any thoughts???

Dave Schaefer
The body side moldings are attached to the car using a double sided tape that utilizes a very strong adhesive.
Any reputable body shop will be able to remove them with ease. ;)

_ken :w
I have read that dental foss and WD 40 will work real well
Thanks for all the info... I was also thinking of a 3M release agent that is used to release weatherstripping (have this left-over from my 77 Vette resto...). The dental floss is also an excellent idea.
Jay is right...they are stuck on with double sided tape!!
Thanks folks... I bought the car on Monday... I'll let you know how the removal operation goes...


In the Garage right now:
1999 Hardtop
1996 LT-4 Roadster
1977 L-82 Coupe
I think I might have a problem...


I see that you live in Naperville! I used to live there and worked at Horizon Chevrolet on Ogden.....My parents still live there. What a nice town!!!
Yep everyone is correct. Double sided tape. Just be very careful when taking it off so that you do not damage the paint.
Dave has a serious problem!

Deciding which one to drive....
The removal operation went off without a hitch. I used dental floss to get started though it would break frequently... Once I had a inch or two released from the car I simply (and carefully) pulled the molding off of the car. I used 3M Release Agent to soften the foam tape/glue a bit, then just removed the remaining tape/glue from the door/fender with my fingers... The whole operation took about 45 minutes anf the car looks great. Once removed I buffed and waxed the car... I now have a set of Torch Red Moldings if anyone needs a set...


c5discounts: I live in south Naperville, I know exactly where Horizon is... they don't do a whole lot of Vette business though...
dschaefe said:
I now have a set of Torch Red Moldings if anyone needs a set...

:L I have a feeling you'll probably have those for a while. Keep 'em, you know how the purists are. ;)

_ken :w
Weather permitting I will be taking some pix this weekend. The '96 has a date with my mom's garage for winter storage soon... I will post them soon... Thanks for all the help and interest...

body side moldings

I hate these as well and would like to take them off. The problem is my c5 is black and we all know how black shows everything. Is it possible to take theses off and not do any harm to the paint under the moldings???????
The paint made it thru the operation perfectly.
Attached is a small .jpg file, a picture of all 3

WOW...dschaefe.....Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. :)


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