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Body/Trim Plate deciphering



On my Silver '76, the paint code is labeled as 13L on the Trim/Paint body plate.

I know the "13" is the code for Silver, but I don't know what the "L" represents.

Trim is labeled as 152 - Smoked grey leather.

Any light shed would be much appreciated.

'76 Silver in resto
Kurt, The L is for leather. Why they put it with the paint code instead of the interior code is a good question........But, that's what it means.........Steve
Good one kayak! The "Black Book" usually comes in very handy, and I can tell you've already been through that, but this time it won't divulge that secret. :L

I can't find anything that puts "13" (silver paint) with the "L".
And "152" is the code for your interior. :confused

I used the "book" once before for Yoda's trivia quiz where the question had to do with the code for white leather sport seats.

There were actually two codes given; "103 = W(hite)/L(eather)", and "AQ9" which was used for both "Sport Seats, white leather", and "Sport Seats, leather". Of course nobody gave me extra credit for knowing that! :gap

The interior combinations were even more confusing for the '84 - '87 C4s! :L
"L" for leather

I bow(tie) to your knowledge. Thanks for the replies.

13L = Silver / Leather, who'd a thought.

I was racking my brain for what GM could have been thinking. My Vette is a J21 (May 21st, right?) so I was thinking...L could stand for "late."

Other musings...

"L is for Leonard" - the name of the guy who sprayed the silver paint in St. Louis.

"L is for Leo" - nickname for "Leonard" who was the name of the guy who sprayed the silver paint in St. Louis.

"Light" - the type of beer that "Leonard" was drinking the day he sprayed the silver paint in St. Louis.

"Like" - since there were 6,934 Silver Vettes sold in 1976, it could be assumed that Leonard "liked" silver and wanted others to know it.

Back to wetsanding,
"L" for Leonard?

kayak said:
Back to wetsanding,

:eyerole I dunno Kurt, maybe you've already done too much wet sanding. Or maybe it wasn't wet enough and you breathed too much paint dust. :L



Do not drink the wet sanding water!..

Wetsanding my Vette...what water to use?

Tom...you say don't drink the wetsanding water?

Well, I heard from someone that Vette's ONLY like domestic water for wetsanding, so I opted for Arrowhead and Sparklett's rather than Evian or Perrier.

The 220 grit wetsanding water was too gritty for my palate, but I did enjoy a few glasses of the 400 grit water with my lunch.

Saving that "gourmet" 600 grit wetsanding water for a special dinner with my wife.

All kidding aside, my '76 body is wetsanded smooth and ready for primer, so now I'm switch to tackling those soft urethane bumper covers. Stripping, spot repairing, sanding, primering...
soft bumpers


Sounds like you are having more fun than you deserve. :L


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