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boiling gas


john wilson

I know this has been done before so somebody has the answer.
I have a 1980 that I took the 350 out and put a 383 in and I am having trouble with yhe fuel. after the car warms up I notice that my clear fuel filter starts to empty and when it is completly empty there is fuel coming in spurts and when I shut the car off fuel comes back into it just boiling , then after a few minutes the fuel in the filter just disappers. The carb is a edelbrock performer 750 and the manifold is a performer RPM. I have tried a different fuel pump,electric fuel pump, 3/8" heat gasket that edelbrock suggested under the carb, also unhooked my PVC hook up thinking it was sucking to much heat into the carb. YOU GUYS ARE MY LAST HOPE BECAUSE HERE IN THE MIDWEST ( MY PART ANYWAYS) THERE ARE NO PERFORMANCE SHOPS THAT COULD HELP. THANKS
fuel feed

the first thing you have to do is find EXACTLY what the problem is , step (1) get a fuel preasure gage and hook it to the fuel line between the carb inlet and the filter, if your not pulling at LEAST 5lbs of preasure with the engine idleing you have a clogged fuel feed (lines or filter) or a pump setup thats not working correctly. (2) check fuel flow volume by disconnecting the fuel line from the carb and adding a piece of fuel line long enought to the filter that you can run the engine (with the fuel in the carb) for 30 seconds with the fuel line in a empty gallon bleach bottle placed next to the car on the ground not on the car near the engine ,after 30 timed seconds turn the engine off and measure the fuel, you should have more than a quart(absolute minimum)be sure to have someone help you so that the fuel line stays in the bottle and haveing a fire extigisher handy is a good idea incase you get real clumsy . if you have fuel preasure and fuel volume check your float level / needle valve and in carb filter if any.. the use of an insulateing spacer on the carb base is not a bad idea but in most cases it helps but does not solve the problem! I bet you find either the preasure or the volume is to little and youll have to fix it . clogged lines and filters or a bad pump are the most likely trouble. useing a pump that puts out 10-15lbs of preasure to a fuel preasure regulator mounted next to the carb with a return line to the tank will TOTALLY stop this kind of problem but it is unnessary on a street car. hope that helps you with where to look for your problem
Good advice from Grumpy.
I have the same set up as you. Performer RPM manifold, Edlebrock 750, electric fuel pump.
I do not have a return line but a "dead head" regulator. I'm using braided fuel line from the tank. As Grumpy says a fuel pressure regulator is a must. Make sure the fuel line stays away from the headers. I run mine right up the firewall to the regulator then along the firewall to the fuel pressure gauge and then to the carb. I don't use a fuel filter in this loop because it builds up heat. Instead I have a big canister type filter before the pump back by the fuel tank. I also insulated the line as it comes up into the engine compartment.
So far no problems.

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