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Bose Noise



Hi Everyone,

I have an 89 coupe with the bose system. I put an after market stereo in it with tape/cd (Audiovox system). It's worked fine for four years. Now I'm getting noise from all the speakers (humming noise) it goes away after about 15 minutes.

I bought an amp relay, according to the service manual it was a possible problem. And it was something I thought I could do....wrong. There's so little room in the dash I can't get my hand on it to replace it. Does anyone know what you have to do to replace this amp? PS the dealer didn't want to touch it.....:hb

Looking for any input....
Just pulled the audiovox radio and put the factory radio back in the car and the noise is gone.....so I guess the problem was in the radio and not some seperate speaker amp. This is good, I can get the radio fixed.

Thanks for the help:upthumbs
Audio Vox Blues

Don't waste your money on the AudioVox....they are notorious for failure of the noise suppression hardware. It may cost more, but get a good quality piece from Pioneer, Kenwood, or Sony. They make CD/Tape combos, or you could get a tape deck with CD Changer control. Either way, your money would be better spent.


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