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Bose or no Bose, which do I have?



Hey everyone!!

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a 94. The car is so beautiful that I almost shed tears just looking at it.

I want to replace the stock cassette player with an aftermarket system but can't tell whether my car has the "Bose System" or not. It doesn't say Bose on the stereo itself, however it does say "Delco Bose Gold Series" on the rear speaker covers. I pulled one of the rear speakers out and did not notice an circuit boards. Also, the speaker came out seperately, not encased in a box.

Do I have the Bose system??

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tom Longo
Welcome to the CAC fom the other side of FL :cool
I thought all the newer Vettes had the Bose system :confused
You've got me thinking now..........I do know that Pioneer makes some really nice head units that fit in the entire space for a Corvette. Hopefully someone will chime in with some possible solutions to yoiur Bose question........

Also, you might want to check out Octobervettes this weekend in Old Town Kissimmee ;)
If it say the Gold Series on the back speaker grills then it should be the original unless someone got in there and replaced the speakers but kept the factory grills.
It should also say Delco Bose Gold Series on the cassette door if its the original radio.
Keep in mind that if you want to replace the head unit that you can't use a standard aftermarket style without making some adjustments. Most radios have the amp built in and drive the speakers. The factory unit only has a preamp and sends a low powered signal to the amps attached to the speakers.
Crutchfield (sp?) sells an adapter that will let you run your factory Bose speakers with aftermarket head ends from Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine and the like. You'll need one of those. It should match your factory wiring harness to make the swap reasonably straight forward.
Thanks for the reply.

Im looking at my rpo sheet and it lists my stereo as a "UM6". Does that mean anything to you?

Thanks again,

UM6 Bose Stereo w/ CD & Cassette, Seek/Scan, Clock, ETR Radio
Take a look at the specifications pages. You'll see a link at the top of the home page or forums page. Look at the 92-93 models. That'll answer most of your questions regarding what the codes translate to.

Howdy Folks from San Antonio.

My 94 has UM6 but only has the AM/FM with Cassette. The owners manual says the difference between the Bose and "without" is the "balance' control. If you turn the balance control and the balance changes, then it IS NOT Bose. The Bose system automatically adjust the balance.

Hope this helps.



Thanks, my balance works and my cassette deck does not say bose on it.

I'm going to conclude that I dont have bose and get the new cd installed.

thanks everyone.

tom longo:w

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