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Brake Dust

Jan 13, 2002
'02Torch Red Coupe - sold
I'm sure many of you may find humor in this question, but.... How do you prevent some of the brake dust on the wheels? My '02 has high polished wheels and it doesn't matter how long or short i drive, I always have a fairly heavy build up of brake dust. Is this common? Is this a forever problem?

Thanks for the responses. I was hoping my gut was wrong, but I guess it is one of those things. I will just have to wash her more often.

Yep, it is normal. You will just have to clean your Vette everyday along with the wheels. It is a good reason to clean the Vette and spend time babying it.
danl72...... sounds good to me. I've washed it twice in 2 weeks!!! Doesn't seem like a chore like it does for my Explorer.

It is obvious that I didn't buy it to not dtive it!! I really don't mind bathing my baby weekly.....:s


wheel dust

Hi Steve,
There is one last thing you could do to hide the dust. Go to Walmart and buy a BIG set of hubcaps!!! Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........Pete

Keep a coat of good polish on them and they rinse right off. If it is dry where my car does not need washing, I hose off the wheels and they look good after that. Have fun, Pete

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