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Brake Hard Line Replacement



OK, guys, help me understand something. I think everyone I have talked to has told me how difficult it is to replace the hard lines. How the body has to be removed and all. I just got out from under the car and they are right there on the lower frame rail. May not be easy, but doesnt look like anything that is that tough to remove. Am I missing something? Granted, they run through the cross member, but that can be removed if necessary. Thoughts?


Seems like it's the one on the rear, from driver to passenger side brakes that's under the body.....


I'll check that one. Thought it ran lower, but could be wrong. One thing I can say is that the lines near the rear are really bad. Crusted! I'm thinking that a full replacement is definately in order.

Rust is eatin up my cross members too. Just about every major metal peice under there will have to be replaced over time. I want to put that 383 in, but I think it would twist the drive shaft into dust.

OK, just keep telling yourself you got a great deal on her!!!!


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I has to replace the line from the front valve to the back splitter. On my '69 you can NOT remove the cross member. When you order the line they come pre-bent. My question was "why"! You will bend the snot out of it by the time you have it going exactly where it is supposed to go. I was able to remove every clip along the side and replace them. You will also find a hard line that runs along the rear diff. I had to replace this one also. This one was easy. It had to be bent just a "little bit". I have not replaced any of the front ones, but a buddy of mine did and said the front's were very easy.
Good luck, let me know how you're doing. I'll give you any pointers if you need them.


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