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Brake problem



Tonight I started having a problem with my brakes. If I depressed the pedal two or three times, the brake pedal gets real hard to push, and braking is poor. Thought the brake booster might have gone bad, but if I only push the brake pedal once, it works fine. This sound like a possible vacuum leak or what? Any help would be appreciated.
More than likely the booster Bob. Mine felt the same way when it went.

Before you spend all those $$$ though, DO check all of your vacuum connections and hydraulic lines. ;)

Good luck.

Brake booster

Anyone know how to check a brake booster. Vacuum is good, check valve works, pedal still gets hard after a couple pumps.
Anything else I should check, besides my wallet. Anyone know how much a booster costs? Thanks in advance.
Re: Brake booster

Bob88vert said:
Anyone know how much a booster costs?

Don't shoot the messenger now! ;), but when I replaced mine in March of 2000 Bob, the dealer charged me $375.36 for the booster alone. :eek

rebuilt boosters

It is not uncommon for a vacuum leak OUTSIDE the booster to cause your symptom. Such leaks are often associated with rough-running engine ... even dying when brakes applied /near idle. You make no mention of stalling so I'm leaning toward either a failing booster or faulty hydraulics.

Due to rubber degradation from routine heat, age, stress ... I'd try to skip the junkyard boosters. MANY boosters are available as rebuilt ... I've seen where you can have yours rebuilt and returned ... sorry but I don't recall where ... if I do, I'll post here.

You might begin your search for a freshly rebuilt booster at your local auto parts store. I would insist that any rebuilt booster shall include NEW, recently manufactured diaphragm(s) and a strong warranty. The preferred rubber used for today's vbb diaphragms is EPDM. To my knowledge vbb diaphragms aren't routinely available to general public. To add insult to injury, a diaphragm sells to booster-makers for about a buck. Anyway, unless you've got spare eyes and fingers ... you should also skip trying to disassemble a booster. I didn't stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night, but I once was Q Mgr for a major global OEM manufacturer/supplier of vacuum brake booster diaphragms. We'd all be interested to learn the diagnosis & solution??? Good luck.
Brake booster

Jack, thats an interesting point you brought up. I noticed today that my idle was a little rough, normally it is very smooth, and the other night when I was pulling up to a stop sign, my car stalled.
Did'nt think too much about it at the time. Guess I'll have to check a little further into the vacuum idea. Anyone know what the vacuum should read on the line to the booster. Thanks again for the help. By the way, I found a booster for $200, in case I need one.

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