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Brake Upgrade Recommendations?


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Oct 3, 2001
Dublin, CA, USA
1994 Black/Black Coupe
Brake upgrade recommendations

Well, time to replace rotors and pads all the way around my 1994. It’s been awhile since I did brake work, but I want to do the work myself. While I don’t do any competitive driving, but do get very aggressive regularly.;)

While I’m sure this discussion has taken place before… But I wasn’t able to find it. (A link would be helpful, if there is one.)

At this time the calipers do not seem to be a problem and besides, aren't in the budget.

I’d also like to replace the lines with braided, since the lines are original and ten years is a long time.

What are the recommendations for rotors, pads, lines, and/or combinations?

How much time do I need to budget for installation?

Recommended vendors?

Unfortunately, I’ll be away from my computer for a few days so can’t interact, but would appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance,
I don't want to call this advice. Everybody has preferences and mine boiled down to these. All new to me.
Rotors: Raybestos Brute Stop forged slotted and drilled. $330
Pads: EBC Greenstuff $160
Lines: Goodridge $110
Fluid: ATE Super $12

This was a very fun thing to do as it all bolts on. Cleaning the nasty suspension was messy but it looks great. I recomend the Motive Power Bleeder. You can bleed/flush to your heart's content with a cold one in your hand. It saves the master cylinder from pumping bad ju-ju into the system, and is kind to the ABS. Very few drops spilled.

I can't say what did most good but the sum of the parts improved stopping performance dramatically, noticeably. Much more bite, and smoother and more predictable range at high speed. The rears are now directional vaning. They stay much cooler according to the burn your finger after driving test.

Cost: $600+/-. But you'll save at least $400 labor and 20-50% parts no matter which you use and have a great time getting to know her a little better.
What is your esimate for installation of the lines?

I've never done brake lines on a Vette and haven't really checked the routing. Don't shoot people, but the last time I replaced brake lines was on a '69 Mustang!
They are easy to do and need to be done with the rest. This is just the terminal ends, about a foot long, line to caliper, not the steel lines. That would be a bloody fortune! 2 bolts on each wheel. Included in labor for the whole job I'd say an hour. $75. But if it's seperate go $125 because of rack time, wheels, bleeding etc. No guarantee if you supply the parts either.

If you can turn a wrench you can do it. Just watch for leaks and retighten. Buy a factory manual, purchase the brew and start stopping!
Already got the factory manual. First purchase after the car!

Thank you for the information.

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