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gentlemen....today I hung around the garadge all day working out this break thing ,well i have come up with a few ideas some retaining your original hubs and some using camero hubs. by the way 59 Tom thanks for that url for master power brakes I called them today, had words with the boss man then talked to one of their tech's nice guy by the name of Rich Nozzle. he is going to get back at me tomorrow, this thing is bigger than i thought ,and every time i find something that i am happy with things change and other ideas crop up and if any of you know me I like to keep it simple. oh yes and they have a kit that goes in the trunk doesn't that just blow you away.I guess the old tail is true mother of invention ,inventing herself all over again. well I should be back Friday with some results. thanks for bearing with me MOOSEMAN
This thing:::;; putting tappered roller bearings on the 53-62 vette spindle that has an OD of 1.2815 is sort of confusing,because they don't make a bearing with this size ID.You say you have one thats close....Well close is OK for handgrenades,bowling and truckdrivers,but not for bearings Shim the difference..thats a NO,NO,Drill the ID of the BEARINGS???.These things are hardened to a 65 ROCKWELL.Thats as hard as glass,and thats a NO.NO.Ok then what you ask. Well if you want to keep your old ball bearings and original drums which I do then you must abtain or get a Drum and Hub assemble for a 1947 to 1954 chevrolet car.Then you set it on the work bench and place the wheel nuts on the studs so they are even with the ends of the studs <Then take a ballpeen hammer and slap the top of the studs first north then south then east and then west repeat till the hub seperates from the drum. Then take the HUB and clean it out with solvent.(what ever you use to clean metal parts) then take a BRASS DRIFT or BRASS PUNCH make sure it is BRASS and drive out the old Ball bearing races,DONT SCRATH OR SCORE THE INSIDE SURFACE THATS WHY THE ((BRASS). be back friday MOOSEMAN

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Then take a ballpeen hammer, and slap the top of the studs first north then south then east then west repeat till the HUB SEPERATES FROM THE DRUM.Then take the HUB and clean it out with a solvent (what ever you use to clean metal parts in your parts cleaning bin. Then lay it on your work bench and take a BRASS DRIFT PIN or BRASS PUNCH make sure it is BRASS and drive out the old ball bearing races. Dont scratch or score the inside of this surface. Thats why the (BRASS) be back Friday. MOOSEMAN....PS thanks Rob

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disc brakes


You are working too hard. Slow down. Just kidding. ;)

We appreciate you doing all the leg work so the rest of us can benifit. Thanks.


Well ; Gents I am still working on the project its just that i hit a few stumbling blocks ,but ill pick my self up and keep trudging.cold up here snowed again and suppose to give it to us again tonight. going to whitface to ski tommorow so hang loose I haven't given up mooseman
What are you using for a front Caliper bracket and how does it mount to the Corvette spindle?
wayne said:
WEll hear goes the easiest way would be to use the basic kit which includes caliper mounting brackets attaching hardware,and bearing adapters where required, they are around $125.00 and I believe there are two or three suppliers. To no avail I have not received a decent answer from any of them concerning specific measurments.That is why I can not promote their product here.The thing you must remember is that the od of your spindle is 1.2815 and no-one makes a bearing with an ID of such, theres your need for the bearing adapter you can go this way and keep your original hubs.knock the drums off the hub and install disc.....Then there is the way I am going with mine but that is beacause I am going with four wheel disc brake setup. In my case I salvaged the complete brakeing system out of a wrecked automobile, in this case a BMW 528-I.My front hubs ,rotor and callipers are out of a camaro with INNER bearing LM=67048 a common bearing measuring id of 1.250 and LM=11949 on the OUTER bearing measuring id of .7500. your spindal on early chevs and vettes is outer .7500 and inner 1.2815. therefore the spindal has to be taken to a machine shop and taken down to 1.2500. best thing to do is talk to a machinest , and purchase this INSIDE bearing LM -67048 and take that bearing and race with your spindle to the machine shop..THE MAN THERE WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO. When done you will find that 64 chevelles and up also camaro 10-1/2 inch rotors and also 11- inch rotors,firbirds and tempest for starters just make sure they have these outer and inner numbers they are plentiful and cheap and easy to instal. You might have to alter your bracket or drill a new cotter pin hole.PS USE A 1/8 CARBIDE TIPPED DRILLBIT. Oh yes for you diehards if at any time you wish to change back to ball-bearings all one would have to do, is have an adapter made with an ID of 1.2500 with an OD of the inside measurment of your old ball bearing adapter. will let you know when I have mine all together MOOSEMAN ANY QUESTIONS JUST POST THEM

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Disc Brakes

I am getting more excited about this conversion with every post. I think that when you are done and have it working you should post a complete how to story on the Technical Recource Center. If you want any help writting it I would be happy to. If your pictures are film prints you can scan them to email. I do this at work and then just forward them home. Then I can forward them to others in email or put them in a file or in the file manager on my web page. Another nice deal is the Kodak picture disc. When you take your film in to develope you can have it put on picture disc for around 5 bucks. The disc has the directions for installing it in your computor and also has the software.

Maybe we can get Rob or Bud to help you out with picture posting. I know they don't stumble around like I do.

OK First OFF I am not totally responsible for this article right here its allso in part to DZAUTO OUT OF MUSTANG, OK. alias Tom Parsons. (differences and similarities) between 48 to 54 Chevys and 53 to 62 Corvette front ends. The parts which are the same are the front cross members,upper and lower A-frames,spindles and spindle supports and all the hardware and replacement suspension parts. There is a slight variation in the spindle supports. The 49-to 52 chev and 53 to 62 corvette are exactly the same.The 53-54 Chev spindle support will PHYSICALLY bolt onto the corvette and work, but with the 53-54 chev, the knob for the king pin was moved UP about one inch from where it is located on the 49 to 52 Chevys This had the effect of slightly lowering the front end of the 53-54 Chev car The 53-54 Chev spindle support used to be quite popular with the people who raced the older Corvettes because it helped to lower the cars center of gravity. The corvettes had adjustable tie rods on both sides The wheel bearings and seals are the same (ball bearings ). And all the brakes and brake drums, backing plates.(EXCEPT 49Chev) and all hardware are interchangeable between the 50 to 54 chev and 53 to 62 corvettes. MOOSEMAN you see I dont just shake my tree. THANKS TOM
Veeery interesting, Wayne. It looks like I will be looking for some '53 or '54 Chevy spindles. I wanted to lower it a little anyway. I know that Fat Man Fabrications has lowered spindles for the 49 to '54 Chevys. I think they are 2 or 3 inchs.
59 Tome... and all that and other parts will fit your 59 vette as well, shoes ,springs, brake shoes, and all the rest of that garb--- Well I am looking for a part number for a rotor GM that seperates from the hub and will fit the old original hub for 48-to-54 chevies and 53 to 62 vette hubs then Ill fill you all in on how to change over to roller bearings retain your original hubs and attach disc's and give you all a lay out design for a bracket and GM calliper so it will all come together in the simplest and easiest form MOOSEMAN.

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well guys no i didn't brake a leg ,its just that im running and the weather its nuts just got home from the bottom of florida pulling out sat morning heading to california then down to texas. I havent forgotten im still on it ,oh yeas by the way the rear disc have changed I have decided the simplest for the rears is 77 78 79 cadillac deville. thats right coupe deville or sedan deville as long as its deville rear wheel drive. the whole rear system will fit on your straight axle vette will be back next week. MOOSEMAN
Did you guys check on the roller bearings which I posted the other day?

Tom Wayne here no i didnt get a chance ive beem on the road and when I got home my computer was down so i had to fix it I am doing a turn running out to california and then down to texas and back to chicago Ill try and find the place when i am in california but the way things stand I seriously think going 4 wheel disc's the thing to do is have the spindle turned down to 1.250 this way almost any chevelle or camaro hub rotor will fit see y soon MOOSEMAN....ps got the computer up and running and there were 117messages being held by ny isp. woh overwhelming

Isn't it great to be popular?

Hi Tom wayne here well that was one heck of a trip out to california down to texas and north to chicago well just got home around midnight its 135 am and i just had to log on like the new format its a little different and i see i became a senior over night LOL LOL well goin to get a long sleep and than back at it nice to see all is well MOOSEMAN
Welcome back

Glad that you had a safe trip, Wayne. Hope that the DOT left you alone. :L You will need all weekend just to get caught up on all of the cool features that Rob has added. He has to be as tired as you.

BTW we just got Pre Pass installed in our trucks for Indiana. When you come to a weigh station you go under a scanner and get a beep and green light in the cab. Then you just blow on by. Love it!. They should have had this years ago.


Well Tom the last time we had words i was going to stop well guess what i didnt this time i did a tripple one florida one texas /mexico and a california im home and almost recuped thats it for at least two weeks OH and yes did i find U a deal ,,,I believe u were looking for the nostalga look older buick drums ,ill post something hear on saturday PROMISE. its fairly simple .. AND NO I havent given up on the vette, but let me tell you, in this part of the country trying to find a 77, 78 ,79 coupe deville in the wreckers is like looking for a vette in the junk yard.not likely to happen . I have leads going all over the country and have a buick riviera coming in on sunday ill tear that one appart as well ,,see what i can find OH and yes has anyone seen the article PRESSURE POINT in STREET RODDE BUILDER HOW TO APRIL 2001.page-92. purchased it in WYOMING on the way home fellow beat me to it he has an article on placing the boster and master in the trunk great fellow great minds think allike.(ok so ill pat myself on the back )but he has it in print I know you snooze you loose been there done that. well tomorow its a freeby and sunday its boot and bonet day DONT LAUGH TO LOUD were doing an M.G. day at portsmouth olympic harbour and yes im in on it there are still surprises about me. you dont know see the follow up on saturday MOOSEMAN:w :w
Buick ddrums

I'm always up for a deal Wayne. Nice to hear from you. I figured you were running hard.


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