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I think it would be good for the vette to be its own brand not a model of chevorlet. The vette really isnt even a Chevey to begin with. It wears the same badge as 4 banger cavaliers and minivans.

I have to join the ranks that want to seperate Corvette from Chevy. But I don't think we need any Corvette dealerships. (Unless you want to pay Porche prices.)
I have purchased four (4) brand new Vettes over the past ten (10) years. Each from a different dealer. Most diden't have a clue
about the features, upgrades over the past few years or even what various options were. Let's face it, these guys make their money selling Geo's and Impalas. Most dealers have one or two Vettes to try and spice up the showroom. As mentioned in other reply's I really wonder about the caliber of service my Vette receives at the dealership. If GM wants to know how a $53,000.00 car buyer wants to be treated, Buy a Lexus.

Now enough moaning and How I would fix it. Sell Corvettes at Caddy dealerships, but don't muddle the marque. Train the staff & require them to attend Corvette shows to see what is happening. Offer more performance options on all styles. Have a knowledgable, clean, tech that you meet be your only mechanic.
Just my thoughts:
Jack :)
first of all, a boxer sized vette? wut? they gonna put 4 cylinders in under the hood, and 4 in the trunk?

and the day i see a corvette station wagon or minivan will be the day i buy a ford!

and i agree wit doug, vettes are becoming sport-luxury cars, and i agree that the Z06 is exactly wut they needed, cuz when u hit the gas, you should hear your engine roaring down the road, not the '77 Rustbucket next to you

and i personally wouldn't wanna see the vette go all alone, for one the have their own badge, the crossed checkered flags, and anyway, CHEVY MAKES THE BEST MINIVANS YOU CAN BUY!!! lol, but i would like to see vette stay under chevy, jus give the designers more freedom


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