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Brings a Tear to the Eye


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
As the story goes, this Z06 was on a flatbed being towed by a Ford F150 Lightning. Supposedly, the Lightning driver fell asleep at the wheel. Here are the results:


Here's the story from http://autocrossersinc.org:
On September 16, 2000, on the way home from his first trip to the SCCA
Solo II National Championship sponsored by Tirerack, Jim Howard (2001
Corvette ZO6, SS#26) had a slight mishap about 30 miles East of Kansas
City, Mo. He had taken ill due to a foot infection from a blister (no
doubt from all the course walking) and passed out behind the wheel while
driving on I-70.

Jennifer Wilson, Sam Strano, Karl Bender, and Pat Salerno were travelling
with Jim at the time. Jennifer rode with Jim to the hospital, Pat took
the pictures that are listed below, and Sam and Karl helped the tow trucks
get the truck and trailer/car out of the ditch.

Jim was released (uninjured) from the hospital later that afternoon...

Jim rode with Jennifer home to Virginia. Sam was able to tow the trailer
(after fixing a flat and securing the fender) and the C5 ZO6 to Jim's home.

The Vette had a minor body crack/scratch under the driver's door...

The Lightning, after a $19,000 repair estimate, was totalled by insurance...

...another Lightning is already in his driveway!!....

"Jim, we're glad you're ok, buddy!!!..." :)
More pics:




The Ford F-150's I've seen have raised hood. What makes you think it's a "Lightening"?
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Because the F150 Lightnings that I've test driven didn't have raised hoods and the the article at the organization's site specifically states it's a Lightning.

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