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Jan 31, 2005
Somewhere in Red Wings land
1989 Bright Red Convertible (gone) 98 Jaguar XK8
One would think after owning ten British cars over the last 52 years I’d have learned my lessons, especially after dealing with Lucas Electrical parts (you might remember that Lucas is also known as Lucas, Prince of Darkness) but no…. My latest addition to my British fix is a supercharged 1977 MGB that I drove back to Michigan from Colorado. At my age, climbing in and out of a C4 was interesting but I’m wondering about my sanity now…


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Had an MG Midget for 25 years, always fun to work on them(constantly..lol). The mechanic (scottish) that helped me out occasionally told me when I bought it that 'you bought a rrrrrrrolling hunkajunk' He had a 76 MGB that he dropped a 283 into, pretty peppy car when he finished. Lost contact with him bout 20 years ago, I was always mesmerized by his accent and he was damn funny.
Just a gluten for punishment, I guess, Scott....... :boogie :boogie

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