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Build Your own LS7 or LS9 Crate Engine

May 29, 2002
Missoura Ozarks
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Las Vegas – Chevrolet Performance is offering customers the opportunity to help build their own LS7 or LS9 crate engine – a first-of-its-kind program that blends the convenience and assurance of purchasing a factory-engineered crate engine with the personal satisfaction of building one’s own engine for a project vehicle.

“Building an engine is a time-honored tradition in hot rodding, and this exciting new program allows enthusiasts to enjoy that magical do-it-yourself feeling, while still enjoying the value of a factory-engineered, warranted crate engine,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “For hands-on hot rodders, this program truly enables them to say they did it all when it came to building their project. There’s nothing else like it in the industry.”

The new program includes part number 19259944 for the LS7, which has an MSRP of $22,756.10, and part number 19259945 for the LS9, which has an MSRP of $32,050. The actual dealer price for each may vary. It also provides customers the experience of visiting GM’s unique Performance Build Center in Wixom, Mich., where they will join a specially trained engine builder to assist in the start-to-finish assembly of the engine they purchased – from installing the crankshaft in the cylinder block to topping off the engine with its intake system. In the case of the LS9, it also means installing the supercharger assembly.

Upon completion, a personalized nameplate is added to the engine, making it a true one-of-a-kind.

The program is similar to the Corvette Engine Build Experience that allows Corvette Z06 and ZR1 customers to participate in the assembly of the engine destined for their car. In fact, all of the parts and procedures used to build the Chevrolet Performance crate-engine versions of the LS7 (part number 19244098) and LS9 (part number 19260165) are identical.

When a customer orders the build experience, the Chevrolet dealer submits the order. A special concierge then contacts the customer to verify participation and help coordinate arrangements. While travel arrangements to and from Metro Detroit are the customer’s responsibility, the concierge helps schedule the engine build; coordinates the customer’s activities at the Performance Build Center; arranges local lodging and meals; and arranges ground transportation in the area.

This unique program is possible because of the hand-assembly processes used at the 100,000-square-foot Performance Build Center, which weaves the best practices of low-volume niche manufacturers and the established quality and manufacturing standards at GM to ensure the highest-quality specialized engines.

The personally assembled engines carry Chevrolet Performance’s 24-month/50,000-mile limited warranty. See complete details at gmperformanceparts.com.

LS7 specs
Displacement: 7.0L (427 cubic inches)
Bore x stroke: 4.125 x 4.000 inches
Crankshaft: forged steel
Connecting rods: forged titanium
Cylinder heads: CNC-ported aluminum
Valves: 2.20-inch titanium, intake; 1.61-inch sodium-filled, exhaust
Induction: natural aspirated
Compression ratio: 11:1
Horsepower: 505 @ 6,300 rpm
Torque: 470 lb.-ft. @ 4,800 rpm

LS9 specs
Displacement: 6.2L (376 cubic inches)
Bore x stroke: 4.125 x 3.620 inches
Crankshaft: forged steel
Connecting rods: forged titanium
Cylinder heads: roto-cast aluminum
Valves: 2.16-inch titanium, intake; 1.59-inch sodium-filled, exhaust
Induction: supercharged
Compression ratio: 9.1:1
Horsepower: 638 @ 6,500 rpm
Torque: 604 lb.-ft. @ 3,800 rpm

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