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Building from a Bare Block 101




1) Buy Bare Block
2) Buying a stroker kit

what else do you need to add? (list everything)


cam, cam, cam
oh, and heads
but mostly cam
did i say cam?
bore it out between 30 and 40 over, find the perfect cam,
then find the right heads and then on to rockers and springs and intake manifold and headers, and high performance aluminum water pump, high volume oil pan, high volume oil pump, high volume oil filter, here's where you buy a charger of ur choice if goin' all out, if not then on to picking a carb, two carbs if you wanna be then man and punch a hole in the hood, and air filter device of your choice, cold air is the only way, wether is above the hood or up in front, since ur buying a kit, find out if it's internally or externally balanced, if it's externally, you'll need a harmonic balancer for a 400, and the flywheel as well, then go all out and dress up the rest of the engine bay with high performance or high cosmetic.

and the rest is up to someone else


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Why go through the motions? Just buy a long block at the dealership and be done with it. If you live near many dealers, check prices or work a deal with any dealer that is accommodating. They also have a limited milage warranty that comes with the engine.
But first, go through the paper chase of each part needed to build a short block. Add machine work also, i.e. , valve jobs, bore jobs, and new cam bearings installation. Then see how much they want to mag the block for cracks and flush the block clean. Keep adding more to the list for a new gasket set, new water pump, new oil pump, and new crank/rod bearings. Buy a service book that has the tolerance spec's, as you'll need to measure every part going back in the engine.
I've missed a lot of things on the list, but this should get you to the counter for a little surprise at the cost of individual parts as opposed to a long block in the crate. I think in the long (no pun intended) run, the long block will be more economical.


what is the difference between a long block 350 and a short block 350 (both fit in an 81 vette?)


A shortblock has only the block, rods, pistons, oil pump , and oil pan, also known as the bottom end.

The longblock comes with all the above along with the heads, cam, lifters, valves, springs, and so on. Some longblocks ( or crate motors) come more complete than others.

Prices and horsepower range from around $1600 to well over $10,000 with HP ranging between 160 hp - over 1000hp.

Do some shopping and just so you know I found that local dealers can't or won't come close to what you can online shopping price wise.



aaaaahhhh *light of heaven shines down upon me*

finally!! thx ralley

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