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bulb replacement in sun visor



I am not sure quite how to proceed to change one of the bulbs in the vanity mirror located in the passenger side sun visor. I took the plastic cover off and realized that the bulb is quite inaccessible from the light side. Do you have to take the entire visor off to access the back of the unit? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Ya gotta get it from the light side...

Its a bi-pin bulb..you will have to get a SHARP pick, poke the white nylon base and lever it out,It's a bit trickey OR you could use a piece of shrink tube or VERY thin wall hose.

I used a small pair of needle nose plyers with some tape on them to make them soft to the touch. Just yank it out like pulling teeth.
bulb removal

Thanks for the advise for removing the bulb from the vanity mirror, Vigman and Ocala Guy. My wife is in the dental business, so it was a fairly easy thing to convince her to perform the "surgery". The bulb came right out with no bleeding and no use of novacaine. Many thanks!

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