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Burning smell still


Mar 3, 2014
2005 C6
So.....as posted in the thread below I had a strange burning smell. Took my 2005 into the dealer and they suggested rear main seal and a new clutch. Didn't notice the clutch slipping but with the new clutch I notice a significant positive difference. :D But I never had the usual signs like oil on the garage floor or light smoke from under the hood.

However......the dealer made a number of mistakes which they owned up to after some back and forth. At their cost they replaced a serpentine belt and a pulley as well as repainted one of my doors.

But I still have that horrible plastic burning smell. It comes and goes and isn't present all the drive. I smell it every time I drive it or just start it but after a while I will get used to it maybe but then later in the drive it comes back with a vengeance. Took it to a friend who owns a truck repair place and he couldn't make heads or tails of the smell (I think his nose is broke) but every time I get in the car or even just opening the garage door I get this strong smell. We tore that car apart on the lift and checked everywhere for a piece of plastic caught on exhaust somewhere but didn't find anything.

I was thinking they didn't connect my exhaust properly? But I don't notice it everytime I step on the gas. But I even notice it when the car has been off and sitting in the garage for a few days. Just opening the garage door can present an overpowering plastic burning smell. Not enough to give me a headache but enough where people notice it right away.

I've now had two people look at it and can't identify they smell. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to take it back to the same dealer. Anyone recommend someone for Corvettes in the SLC area?

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