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C3 Header Corner Replacement Advise Needed



One of the two windshield corner header pieces was badly corroded and pitted so I bought two new ones from Corvette America.

Problem is that when I remove the trim, the top of the windshield is in the way of preventing me from getting a phillips head screw driver in to remove the two screws in that area. I contacted a auto shop to price having a winshield temporarily removed or lifted and was told they cannot guarantee it from breaking. These windshields are over $500 if I had to replace not to mention losing the originality of the piece.

What options do I have? Only one I could thing of was to get something like a Drimel tool and some type of round sander attachment end and grind down the edge of the glass where the screw heads are. I only need about 1/4" or so...

So, does anyone have any other suggestion or know why this would not work? Would this possibly weaken the glass at that point and be subject to breaking somewhere down the line??

Any help would be appreciative.

Taylor, I don't see how you could replace that peice, if it is what I am thinking you are working on, without removing the winshield...........But the thing that surprised me the most about your post is the $500.00 for replaceing the windshield.......................Shop around, I have a shop come here to my shop and replace C-3 windshield for $150.00..........maybe I could be making a little money here.......hmmmm.......Good luck..........Steve
If you check all the Corvette rags and parts catalogue they all are around that price. NOW, the piece I am referring to is the chrome corner piece on the windshield frame and there is also a plastic bucshing that the T-Top fits in to help secure it. There is about 1/8 - 1/4 of winshield in-line of the philipps screw head.
Header panel

It is never a good idea to fool with a windsheild with a Dremel or any other motorized device. First of all I think the glass shop was pulling your leg. I am sure you can find one that will help you out. Mayby you buy lunch for them on a Saturday afternoon and they will pop it out and re-install it for $50. It is worth a try.

I have r & r'd windshields on my own stuff before and also had shops do it. Most of the time it can be done with enough patience and the right tool. But I have never found anyone that
will guarantee not to break your glass. They will do their best though, but you need to realize that even the slightest pressure in the wrong place and it's history.

When you take it to a glass shop find out what the replacement w/shield will be from them before you begin. I have never paid more that $155. but then I have never bought one from a Corvette speciality house either. Your local glass shop will have the best price.


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