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C3 ps problems. Anyone else?



Hello All,
My 78 has had persistent power steering leaking problems. Has this plagued anyone else, or is it just me? When I overhauled the engine I had my mechanic replace the hoses, ram and control valve. I had no leaks for about 9 months, then it started again and has grown worse! My mechanic located the leak as coming from the control valve. Now I am planning to replace ALL parts associated with the power steering system to be sure I have covered all bases. Am I going overboard, or going down the right road?
when ibought my vette it s power stearing was leaking. changed everything top and bottom. have had no trouble. its only been three months but everything seems to be working fine. good luck robert

I would say you're going down the right road. I made the mistake of replacing just the hoses and ram, the next year I had a huge leak from the control valve. This is a fairly easy job to take on yourself, you'll need some line wrenches for removing/installing the hoses and probably a hammer to get the ram loose from the steering arm. I removed and replaced the whole set up in my garage in a couple hours so if you need help give me a yell and I'll post a few more tips.
ps info...thanks

Well, I feel better now that I don't think I am going overboard! We had snow on Turkey-day, and the roads are mostly clear now...but all of my parts are not here yet. :( This job may need to wait for spring so I can drive down the gorge to the mechanic. I do need to get my car to the body shop that painted it so they may repair the problems I have spotted. Still waiting for hubby to get my winter-car road worthy after its exile this summer. He's a sweetie, but slower than molasses-in-January about getting things done. This is why he gave me the 78! (I just love driving it so much, I make sure it is in top condition!) Thanks for all input!
I likewise replaced my control valve, ram, and hoses. My car was from Michigan so it took a big hammer and a pitman fork, then a small torch to get the balljoint loose on the ram and control valve. I got all my stuff from vettebrakes with exchange. Came with instructions too.

If you do it yourself, PLEASE be sure the car is on jack stands, and very secure before you start pounding away with the biggest hammer in your tool box. Satifaction of doing something like that myself made me feel GREAT. If you need help (advice) just ask anyone here.

i might add that when you reattach hoses to the control valve use some thread sealant,because you can crack the area between the two holes very easily if you over tighten the fittings. i replaced control valve(rebuilt from autozone) 4 yrs ago,put it in car,added fluid,started leaking around the fittings. gave'm a little more turn w/the wrench,then remembered what a friend said about cracking.so drained everything,applied sealant put back together,no leaks there.altho slave cylinder starting to leak. my .02.


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Very good about the sealant gary 69 ,the worst thing one can do is keep tightning them lines to stop leakage,not all threads match evenly therefore causing fluid leakage ,teflon tape works,better then some of our work force building these parts, MY 2 cts,any res.


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