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Help! C4 aftermarket Radio Installation no dash lights inside - illumination cable


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Aug 19, 2014
United States
1992 yellow LT1
[FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]hello everyone, I finished installing a new Jensen VX6020 nav system into my 1992 C4 LT1, new re-wired cables to all new 4 speakers, I used the adapter from "Electronics Metra 70-1856 Radio Wiring Harness" everything was working fine after the installation, including dash lights, but since the adapter didn't have an Illumination cable for the new radio I end up using the cable connected to he original radio unit grey/black stripe (dimmer light) it had power and dimmer was working I tested, then I attached it with the Illumination cable from new the radio VX6020 and right after that my internal dash lights were gone? something blew-up no more orange lights for the night driving, dimmer doesn't work either, the Cluster lights are fine and the dimmer works fine with the cluster, but all orange lights outside cluster are gone (a/c buttons, gas/trip, etc.. ) are gone, but only in that side, the driver door amenity lights works fine with the dimmer, I disconnected what I did with grey/black and illumination cable from new radio and has no more power as before and dimmer light doesn't work. I think something blew up because there is no more 12v power on the original grey/black dimmer cable that I used. [/FONT]I checked the fuses on the right side panel and they all look fine, where else can I check, please help! thanks.
I checked the fuses on the right side panel and they all look fine, where else can I check, please help! thanks.

This is info for a 93. I'm not sure if a 92 is the same.

You need to turn the headlight switch on and verify there is voltage on the CNSL ILLUM 5 amp fuse. The voltage amount depends on the position of the dimmer switch.

This fuse provides the voltage to the following.
PRND lamp
Radio control head
LH, RH Power seat switch
Drivers info. center
Selective ride control
Heater AC control head for C68

RH ILLUM fuse 5 amp
RH door courtesy lamp
RH Power window switch
Lighted rear view mirror

LH ILLUM fuse 5 amp
Heater AC control head for C60
LH door courtesy lamp
LH power window switch
Power mirror switch

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