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Question: No front parking/ blinker lights. No front/ rear marker lights.


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Mar 23, 2020
Lisbon Falls, Maine
1977 Corvette Orange
I am completing a frame off on my 1977. I replaced the dash main harness during the process. I installed 4 LED tail light assemblies, and learned that I needed to put a resistor on each light. I also installed a new grounded flasher.
Throughout this time I have always had, and still have, headlights, tail lights, brake lights and rear blinkers/ 4-way flashers. I installed a resistor in the wiring for every light because I installed an LED bulb in each light assembly. SUPER BRITE LEDs advised me to do this. I separated the fuse box from the firewall to make sure something hadn’t gone wrong while installing the new dash harness. Everything there is fine. Anyone have experience, or a thought on this? Thank you for time.
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Do your rear turn signals flash individually right and left with the turn signal lever or just stay on solid? Start by checking the ground on the front turn lights and your other front light harness grounds to be sure they are connected to a clean bare metal ground. Also check for power at the turn light plug with a test light with the turn signal lever activated. If no power then check your turn signal switch connector to see if the wire connectors are properly seated in the connector housing and making contact with the switch terminals. If you haven't found the problem determine which terminals on the turn signal switch power the front turn lamps and, with the connector plugged into the switch, insert your test light probe into the connector from the wire side along the wire to contact the terminal to see if the test light will flash with the turn signal switch activated. If no flashing you probably have a bad switch. If it flashes you have a problem with the wire or connector to the front turn lamps. It wouldn't be the first time a new harness had problems.

Thank you for the suggestions Tom. After I installed the resistors on the tail lights they operated normally. I will work on the problem tonight and over the weekend if necessary. Thanks again. David

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