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C4 Money Making Idea


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Hey guys,

How do you like this idea to make some extra change? All of you guys have seen the "idiot" lights that glow from behind the center panel on 84-96 Vettes, right? You know, the check engine, ABS, etc. etc. will flash from behind a flat plastic cover in the center portion of the dash. The color of the screen has changed over the years from black to a graphite finish.

Everybody has seen the replacement covers that have a Corvette Logo nearly the size of the cover to dress up the dash, right?

Well, all of my Corvettes from time to time have triggered the check engine light. I see it frequently now due to the mods to my engine. It is very annoying to have that Service Engine Soon light glowing on my dash. At night, other people in other cars can look in and see it.

Soooooooooooooooooooo what if one of you figured out a way to duplicate the screen and instead of saying service engine soon or check engine, have a C4 emblem silk screened into the screen. This would be hidden like all the other service light descriptions by the shading of the screen when the lights are not being triggered. So, if the check engine light comes on, it will display the emblem instead of those annoying words. You passengers will be amazed and impressed with your car instead of concerned by it.

So, feel free to use my idea. Just send me a free one for my car if you figure out how to do it!
Capitalism and American Ingenuity at it's finest hour:L :L
Great idea. I would make a few different models, C4 emblem, Hang On!, Oh S#*t!, I smell a Ford, Batman Symbol, etc. We could have some fun with this...... -JimS
Great idea! You must really be sick of that Engine Light coming on huh? :D:D

See, you could make it look like a good thing when the computer sees fit to trigger the light.

Power Mode!
Nitrous Armed
Ejection Seat Armed
Mustang Alert
Here is one for you Chris...

I had a buddy back in Nebraska that had a small picture of Highway Patrol car and had his radar detector set up so when radar detector went off the Highway Patrol care illuminated.. I kept telling him to patent it and to get a small siren sound to go off at the same time..

ahhhh........necessity (to stay sane) , the mother of invention!
Chris, your crazy lifestyle is making you think how to modify check engine lights. Get some rest
newbie said:
I've never had the check engine light come on in my car..... therefore, I have no need for said invention. :_rock

You know, when you make a statement like that, the SES light is sure to come on the next time you put the key in the ign.

How about a little corvette picture for the SES light?

:w from Ocala Fl
Ocalaguy...are you a prophet or what???? I went out this AM, fired the 95 up and lo and behold...what should my eyes behold.......NO SES LIGHT!! :beer

You guy have me pegged alright. How about a light image that shows me holding a 3/8" drive wratchet, because that is usually what happens not long after the light comes on.

Better yet, as soon as the car goes out of warranty, it should be a $$$$ sign that glows when there is a problem.

69MyWay said:
Better yet, as soon as the car goes out of warranty, it should be a $$$$ sign that glows when there is a problem.:L

Then maybe we could modify the subroutine that shows SES and have display various amounts of $$$ signs depending on what the code is. That way when it goes off you automatically find out just how deep sh%& you're in... Like minor problem $, major problem $$$$ and $$$$$, get rid of this beast immediately :eyerole


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