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I here so much about how the C5's register their vettes but I don't hear much about a C4 registry. Does it exist? I bought my 84 June of 95 in the tipycal back yard story of neglect. I quickly put it together in 2 months to make it my daily driver of which has been a wonderful car. The previous owner who loved his booze painted the car just prior to me buying it with a black man and Mr. Jim Beam. You could see where they started and ended. Now I have taken it off the road for about the next year to bring in back to a wonderful non NCRS status. At 150,000 miles the drive train working great. I predict at least another 3 years of great corvette driving and then I will start looking for the 2000 trade in.
Thanks for a great web page and remember, SAVE THE WAVE!

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Thus far, we haven't heard of a C4 Registry in existence. There was an LT1 Registry in operation in the '90s by Tony Zabrocki, but I'm not sure what the current status of the organization is anymore.
Welcome JET

Greetings, glad you're here! Sounds like a real reliable driver for you.

C4's: its getting to the point where the numbers are begining to dwindle down. I'm sure someone will start a registry soon. When they do I'd be interested.
Hello Jet & Welcome

Picked up my 89 convert last November and love it! I know there are many C4s out there and interested in a Registry club. Just need to gather up the interest and go for it!
Thanks for the reply. I checked it out and I am wondering if $50 bucks is worth being registered? I've got a knowledge base right here at corvette action center.
Just wondering.
jet4rs said:
I've got a knowledge base right here at corvette action center.
Just wondering.

Amen to that! :)
CAC is an awesome resource for sure... The C4 registry is more than tech articles though.... anyone that wants more info can email me at sanders@c4registry.com I will be happy to share all the benefits.


I would also like to add, we are just getting started, and one of our biggest goals is to promote the C4.... we don't want a C4 specific show to fail like sharkfest, and we want shows to specialize in C4's!

Tried the link, but this is what I got.

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