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C4 to C5



Has anyone seen a C4 with the body kit for C5 just wondering what it looks like. If it is natural or looks funny?? Was thinking about a change because C4 are to common now want somthing different but dont want to look ugly and fake like the fiero to ferreri kits they look fake.
I've only seen a C4 with a C5 rear bumper cap that uses the C5's tail lights. Looks odd IMHO.
I saw one at a show and when I walked up to the car, though I didn't initially realize it was a C4, I thought it looked out of proportion and reallly odd. Once I got close, I realized it was a rebodied C4. Like I said, very odd looking close up.
Rob said:
I've only seen a C4 with a C5 rear bumper cap that uses the C5's tail lights. Looks odd IMHO.
A friend of mine has a '91 conv't in the GS paint scheme with this bumper and it does look different......

I have only seen the pictures of the conversion and it kind of fools you at first. Then you start to notice that something just isn't right proportionally.


Call it wisdom, age, experience, whatever, but I don't see the point anymore. Here is what I mean. I got in a big rush and spent a bunch of money back in 94 making my 85 look like a 94. It was cool at the time, and everywhere I went in the 85 trim, it was obvious that I had the "old" style vette. So, for a few years I was styling and profiling with the big boys in my look alike. Of course, I put aftermarket rims and dark tinted windows to hide any final details of the trickery.

Fast forward to today. I look back on it several body styles later and think, Hmm, the 85 looked pretty good as it was from the factory, and I went off and screwed up a perfectly good car to look like what is now again the old body style.

So, been there done it. Trying to make something look like something it isn't in the end (maybe not for years later) is a waste of time because it will never be what it isn't. Then, later down the road it is a ruined car that has no place in history because it is all mixed up. The prior owners of my 69 back in 1975 shaved the emblems and most of the chrome trying to update it to the 1974 and up rubber bumper look. This is now costing my thousands to put it back. I keep asking myself, "what were they thinking messing up a perfectly good car".

Now a days, I look more at the technical aspect. Looks are nice, but putting C5 power and technology into the C4 would be more of my interest rather than the body.

I saw one in either Corvette Fever or Vette where a fellow at a body shop hand built his 86 to look like a C5. Guess what??? They went and changed the rockers, etc, in the newest C5 so all of his hard work and updating and yet he has the old C5 body after all. See what I mean? By the time he re-tools and adds the new rocker scoops and such Chevrolet will have changed the style again.

Then again, when it is your own car you can do whatever you want. Just my .02
Good post! I always think "upgraded" is the way to go instead of just "updated".......just think if U had spent that $ on putting in an LT1 instead...doubt U would have any regrets today!

But hey....U did enjoy it when u did it right? And you probably like the 90's body style better 2 and the car probably needed some body work/paint refreshing......So look at that as bright side!

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