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C4 Wheels


Jun 29, 2008
BC Canada
1992 Black Rose LT1-ZF6
When I bought my '92 the dealer promised to supply new tires for it. The other day the new Toyo Proxes4's arrived and they mounted and balanced them as promised. Well, yesterday I noticed the RF and LR wheels are installed on the wrong side of the car. As the Toyo's are unidirectional and the wheels are side-specific it means swapping the tires over. Not a big deal, really, and I'm sure they'll correct the goof-up.
Anyway it got me wondering why the wheels are side-specific. Do the wheel slots affect brake cooling or high-speed air pressure under the car or something?-- or is it just for looks? Does anyone know? ;shrug Thanks.
I assume you are talking about the stock saw tooth wheels?

I don't know if the brake cooling is affected by the direction the wheel spins, but there is definitely a cosmetic issue if you put the right side wheel on the left side of the car.

Good luck with the dealer.

:thumb Jason
Yes, they do draw air past the brakes and aid in cooling. I've also heard that if you mount them backwards it will cause the car to fly like an eagle. :boogie OK maybe not, but I tried. :D
>>I've also heard that if you mount them backwards it will cause the car to fly like an eagle.<<

Oh, I see. I guess that would explain why the rear wheels spin so much. :)
Gordon Killebrew told me several years ago how the wheels were engineered.

The earlier C4s pulled air from inside the wheel wells to the outside of the wheel. Some "particular" owners (are there any? :boogie) complained about the brake dust that ended up on the wheels.

The designers listened and reversed the slots to pull air from the outside to the inside of the wheels.

Corrected the brake dust problem! :upthumbs

As a side effect, the brakes now ran cooler! :beer

Who said you could kill 2 giant prehistoric pterodactyls with the Rock of Gibraltar? :boogie


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