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C5 2K coupe


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Hello people,

Since I'm waiting for my freind to get his GM 2K shop manual, thought I'd ask here. Were working on a 2k salvage ( Boo Hoo ) and the impact happened passenger side behind the front wheel. OUCH well I've repaired all the harnesses except 1.It's a 12 pin round female connector with blue tape on the bundle. I do not want to just repair it by butting wire to wire or putting some MORT connector on it. The dealer states that he MIGHT be able to get the connector if I knew the function of it or give me a connector number but since I am san's manual ( At this point I'm wondering if anyone out there could help.


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