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C5 Finding and Fixing a "Tweet"



Sometimes I can hear a high-pitched "tweeting" kind of noise in the cabin of my c5 Coupe. It seems to be coming from in front of the driver.
The sound is a little more pronounced when the car is cold, but is sometimes heard even when fully warmed up. The sound is not usually heard during idle, NEVER when I stop the car to have a listen under the hood. The sound seems to be intensified by vibration when car in motion. Sometimes it goes away for a week, sometimes its heard every day for a week.

I've ruled out serpentine belt and heater/ac fan.

I'd be grateful for any advice. The "tweet" drives me nuts!!

Have the same noise in my 00. I can't find it the source either. Sounds like a altenator bearing. Doubt if thats the problem but its a good way to explain the sound. I am sure someone can answer this better than me. Good luck Michael
HI there,
On the 98, there was a bulletin issued for a distorted dust shield on the idler pulley.
The noise would mostly happen when cold.
I would have your corvette tech research the issue.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

My 1999 C5 coupe had the same noise. The dealer replaced the idler pulley with a revised/updated part as referenced by c4c5specialist. The new idler pulley stopped the squeaking noise.

Have your dealer refer to TSB #99-06-01-007. The revised idler pulley part number is 12564401.

Good luck.

99 White C5 Coupe

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