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C5 Key Fob / Memory Issue

SG Lou

Well-known member
Jan 1, 2011
Fords, N.J.
2004 Torch Red Coupe
First of all I'll like to say Hello, my name is Lou and here is my
Introduction post:


Ok, On to my slight problem on my recently accquired 2004 C5 Coupe.
I went through the process of setting the memory for my seats
and mirrors ( haven't gotten to figuring out the setting for the Climate Control, Telescopic Steering Wheel, Radio, etc, etc )
Using the #2 Key Fob I set up the seats and mirrors and MOST of the time when I get in and start her up the seat will only move forward a couple of inches and then stops in its tracks.
I have to PUSH the #2 on the Memory Pad and only then will the seat move up to it's pre-set point.
Like I said, it's been happening a lot and it's a pain in the A**

Any suggestions or ideas?

Well, first, Welcome to CAC, SG.

I'm guessing that, 1, you are using the #2 controller all the time. 2, you have locked it using your remote and are using that remote to unlock the door (not the key...do 04 even have a key hole on the drivers door? I don't remember. I know my 01 has one on the drivers door, but not the pass). 3, if you use the buttons inside the car, does that work every time?

Have you gone through the remote learn process? Maybe going back through and having the remotes relearn might help.

Hopefully someone else will jump in here with more or better suggestions.
Welcome! :w

You might want to review this thread, starting with my post (#5). I seem to experience the same quirky problem with the memory seats on mine, albeit it seems to be only a problem for me after long periods of inactivity; once I start driving mine regularly (even after a long period of inactivity) it seems to function properly.

In my case, I haven't worked out whether this is a real problem with the seat memory, or just quirky behavior resulting from lack of use. Last time I was home in San Antonio, I tried the suggestion of manually running the seat to its fore and aft limits a few times before going through the entry ritual (punching the unlock button on the fob and inserting the key into the ignition); that actually seemed to aid in avoiding this annoying problem. Hopefully, running the seat through its range of travel will clear it up for you too.
Tom & Tim,

I tried both of your suggestions and it seems to working just fine and not stopping mid stream.
Thank you both :beer

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