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c5 production info


Apr 23, 2004
richmond va..
somewhere i saw the total production numbers for the 1998 model including the total number of export vettes for that year.it broke the figures down per color for import and export.any ideas anybody?thanks in advance for any help......
There are production figures in the Tech Center - Model Center (click)
but I didn't see any figures there for exported vettes.

MsSchroder....Grey Goose in that martini? And hope you really put 3 olives in! lol Love to hear.

I do indeed have Grey Goose in the cabinet, but I really prefer a nice, working-class Beefeater Gin martini, with 2 big, firm, smooth, cold, pimento-stuffed olives.... OK, technically 3, since I always eat one right out of the jar while I'm mixing :L

I try to refrain except for the occasional one on Friday nights, but all this talk of them is temping me, especially after a long, trying day of staring at the computer, with a seemingly simple problem I just can't seem to solve.

Ah, martinis. I do ramble on when it comes to them :D

rvettegt, I apologize.

Ah, martinis. I do ramble on when it comes to them :D

And there's something wrong with this, Tammy? Made any "Vespers" lately?

You should try Belvedere Vodka, Tammy. I find it far smoother than Grey Goose.

Now- what were we talking about? Production Codes? RVetteGT, I don't believe our information sources here at the CAC have broken down Corvettes for export as a sub-set of total production during the C5 production run. If all else fails, you may try giving the National Corvette Museum a call- they love a good research challenge like this.


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