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C5 tires for wet weather



I am looking for advice on replacement tires for my 1999 C5 hardtop, which currently has the (rather-worn) stock Goodyear EMT 275-45 ZR 18 and Goodyear EMT 245-45 ZR 17 Tires.

I am not concerned about runflat capability, but, as I live in Seattle, wet traction is very important to me. I have read several reviews of the Firestone Firehwk SZ50 that state that it has superior wet surface traction over the Goodyear EMT and even F1 series tires.

Any thoughts or comments on what replacement tires are best for my C5?
A friend of mine also has a 99 frc, and he replaced his EMTs with the same tire but non emt(yes, I know, not the same tire exactly). As I remember it had the same model name. Fair bit cheaper, and no problems so far in the rain. Firestone Hawks also seem to have a good rep.

I would think a lot of tires would be better in the wet than the F1s. IMHO:w
Rain Tires

I have the Firehawk RFT's on my 98 coupe and they are great in the rain. I think they handle better either in wet or dry conditions than the F-1's and they have a good look to them
Check out www.tirerack.com they have reviews on tires and very helpful in your selection when you call them too.....
What does everyone think of the Firestones. They are suppose to have the best wet traction of any Vette tires. Is this true? Does anyone have them one thier car?

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