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C8 Z Mode vs My Mode


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
Well took me a while to determine what I like best for Z mode vs My mode.

My mode i have set up as track exhaust and everything else is set up as sport, its a nice overall mode to use everyday.

Z mode is set up as track on exhaust , powertrain and brakes. All other items set up as sport. This is a nice setup for when you want to do a little hot dogging up around the mountains or kaybe on the highways when no ones around.

Shifting is much more aggressive as is engine responsiveness,

Well just thought Id share what I set these at after about a month and a half..li usually travel around in my mode and then turn on z mode when im in the mood.

Z mode the way I set it pretty much blocks 6th , 7;th and 8 th gear unless you paddle for it. The track mode on powertrain also blocks the v4 mode so if you want best fuel economy use the z mode sparingly.

Im pretty much getting 15 mpg around town and 26 or 27 Id guess on the highway. Using zmode does use an extra gallon or two if that matters to you. I could care less and love the reactive nature of the zmode the way I set it up.

Just shooting the beeze for those who might be wondering what z mode is good for...and the basic difference is when you have car in my mode and shut it off..lit starts up again in my mode. When you shut car off in Z mode..lit restarts I believe in tour mode according to what some other member said on the foum.

Like I said...just shooting the breeze on these little nuances of the c8 for those who might be interested

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