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California Duster Help

Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
I just got my first ever Cal Duster and let it air out on newspaper for almost a whole week but the @#%$ thing is still leaving that residue on my finish. The Meguires detail mist takes it off but I still don't like it.
How long will it keep doing this and is there some way to make it stop sooner than later - it is show season you know.
:mad :confused :mad
It'll clear up eventually, then you won't understand how you ever got along without it. ;)

BTW, I never clean mine; I just keep using it for years and years. I finally broke down and got a new one a few years ago simply because... Ya know? I don't why I ever got a new one. :L Keepin' up with the Joneses I guess. :eyerole
Thanks Ken!

I guess I'll use it on my Monte and Z-24 until it clears up. I figured they had to be good cause every show car has one.

They are good, I think we have 3 or 4 here and always seem to manage to get away from the house without one.:confused I don't know how that happens! I guess sometimes with 2 people working on different cars at the same time.:) :W:
Her 92 said:
...always seem to manage to get away from the house without one.

:w Dorothy, get yourself a nice bag so you can keep all of your detail stuff in one place. I got a bag (actually I bought the complete kit) from California Car Cover Co. and added some cloth towels, paper towels, the "Dash Duster", my windshield sunscreen, etc.. Other places such as Griot's Garage also carry similar bags/kits. :cool

It sure makes it convienient to have all your stuff in one place. :D

One thing I've noticed...

is that if the surface is warm or hot, it will leave the marks. If it's cold it doesn't (and I've had mine for a few years now).

Barb :w
I Love White

The car had just been backed out of the garage when I got the streaks and it was first thing in the morning so it wasn't hot at all. This Vette is the first white car I've ever owned and I never realized the difference the color makes in surface temp. The car can sit in the sun all day and it never really gets that hot but my other cars (silver and grey) can sit out for 10 minutes and are on fire.

Thanks everyone for the advise!:w
I have had one of these car dusters sitting in my detailing cabinet since I bought a 95' Eagle Talon.. and I have never used it.. I always wondered why my uncle gave it to me for a present and told me it was great for cars..

I just usually see dust on my car (cause of living in Indiana around farmers) that I just go wash it.. :)
When I first got my Cal Duster it left streaks like yours does. There was a heavy coat of what appeared to be Wax on it.
At one of the Car Shows, someone told me to Wash it a couple of times to get rid of the excess Wax.
Washed it, and now it works great - No Streaks.

I'd be lost without it now, especially on my Black ZR-1. :J
Better With Age

Just like most of us Vette owners, the duster gets better with age. I've had mine for about three years and I love it. I was given one for a gift and it's still in the bag as a reserve. I use it every time the car comes out of the garage and sometimes when I get to where I'm going, it doesn't get any easier or better than the duster.:cool
Re: Better With Age

Rowdy1 said:
Just like most of us Vette owners, the duster gets better with age.

...was given one for a gift and it's still in the bag as a reserve.
Me too, Rowdy. :upthumbs

BTW, with a handle like Rowdy1, I'm sure you remember "Rowdy Yates", right? ;)
I only get streaks from the duster if the car is hot. Make sure it's in the shade. Those dusters do seem to work a lot better after they've been used a few times.
Yes Z51 I Remember

I do remember him, but that's not where the name came from. I guess you could say I "earned" that name growing up. Some good, some bad, but all in all, it's me through and through.:( I guess I could have done worse for a nickname huh? Hell, for that matter, I still haven't grown up, I just might not ever!!!:cool
Not Bad Ken

There's a few different ways you can read that. That's the good part about those kind of names, makes people wonder.......:confused :confused :)
I have used the Cal duster on my old cars as well as my Vette. It works great. When it is new it will leave streaks, but once it is broken in it should be fine. Also like janciello said use it in the shade when the car is cool. It should not leave streaks.
It's funny you should revive this thread Dan. I was just thinking of it the other day and how I should amend it to say that ALL cars will get a film after a while, and that you should expect streaking if you don't use a detail spray, or something at least, to remove the film layer every so often. That is, if you keep the car in the garage as I do, or if you keep it under wraps. If it's kept outdoors, you're gonna have to wash it eventually. ;)

Yes, exactly Ken I agree with you. Keep the car covered or in a garage and it will stay clean.

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