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Calling all Twin Turbo ZR1s


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Dec 27, 2000
Alexandria VA
I'm stuck fantasizing about twin turbo ZR1s.

Looking for more information on these cars built
by callaway, mallet, and LPE.

Clint says an article is coming. If I evern blow
my LT5, I will be attempting a home brew twin turbo
project. need to gather all the ideas I can in the
meantime. thx.
Ron,one of the LPE TT ZR-1 owners from Austin called me tonight. Paul told me he was working on his article and should have it and photos ready in time for printing in this KOTH issue. Since I've only seen his LPE 415" ZR-1(serious car in its own right) and not his TT,I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about it,too. What a neat job!
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
(590+ members and counting)
More Power to You

As if a top end of 185+ isnt fast enough? :confused: I guess it's the same mentality that keeps me digging though the Ecklers catalog looking for the latest go fast goodies for Eye Candy!:D
What is KOTH article? Is that some sort of club you guys belong to? I'm interested in reading the article too.


The KOTH (King Of The Hill) is the LT5 Registry Magazine!

Here's a Link to the LT5 Registry Web Page:
TT LT5???? OMG I must be dreaming. Lets see here: TT Callaway Speedster ZR-1!!! Yellow ext with blue int. Oh ya
Our LT5 Registry website is undergoing a massive re-construction at the present time. When done,it will be similar to this site and ZR-1Net. Some of the new pages should start appearing by the weekend. Hopefully,it should be another great place for ZRoners to hang out on the Net.
Stay tuned,
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry

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