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Okay like I said before I am new at this. I got a Cam from a buddy. The Cam is still in the box, never installed. He decided to put an LS1 into his Vette. It reads: Hydraulic roller (LT4 Hot Cam), I:218, E:228, 1.6 Rocker, I:525, E:525, 112 degrees. Can someone define this for me and tell me if this is good? I also got some heads from him that read: Aluminum, intake 195, chamber 54.4, Valve diameter, I:2.00", E: 1.55", angled. These are also in the box and have never been installed. :confused
Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
The cam is an LT4 hot cam, which is a very popular modification to LT1 and LT4 cars... It was designed to be used with 1.6 roller rockers, which can be purchased separately (many LT1 cars also require new valve springs to deal with the increased lift of the rockers)... The LT4 hot cam is a GM performance part, so you know it has been properly tested by the people who know the engine best... It makes the idle of the car a bit 'lopey', and generally increases high RPM power... If you don't want to use it you could sell it to someone else that wants it (me).... not sure about the heads, maybe someone else will have some input there


I have thought about dropping a performance cam in my 93.
The one question I have is "How will the lope of the cam affect the computers' signal?"

Also, the previous owner put a Jacobs Ultra coil on the car, pretty crappy job. Can someone recommend a clean replacement for this, and hopefully a performance coil that might replace the stock one.


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Nov 12, 2001
San Diego, CA
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The heads sound like the ones that the LT-4 came with-but don't quote me.

I would be willing to buy any of the pieces you do not use. (I am sure I am not the only one.)

Congrats on such a fun gift.



I think I might hold onto these items. Now I just got to aquire a few more goodies and then find someone to put it all together. Know of anyone good in the Coastal North Carolina Area?


The LT-4 Hot cam is a wonderful thing if you have a 383 or larger, but for a stock LT-1 it is too big. You will be way more impressed by a smaller cam. The Hot cam will make much less torque beetween 1,000-2,500, this is not what you want in a street car. Focus on a cam that will make power from idle to around 5,000. this will cause more average torque thus making your car faster. a lot faster. ! Remeber, take off is a hard thing to get back once the race is half over. If you take off at 3,500 (a bigger cam requires higher RPM launches) on street tires you can forget getting a good take off. If you take my advise you will thank me after you take it to the track and make afew passes.


That is correct. You may get some bragging rights for peak HP, but it's the torque made under the curve that wins races.

You will need programming for any cam "worth" putting in the car, and valve springs, which the heads may already be setup for.

The heads do sound like an LT4 head. Are they ported? You will not, not need an LT4 intake to go with the heads. Everything you see says otherwise, but they are the same intake. I have meassure the ports, and there location in reference to the bolt hole and they are identical. Now the LT4 intake does have more material above the intake port, but it is there so you can match to a larger 200+cc head.

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