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Cam plus?



I'm getting ready to put a new cam in and was wondering what else should be done at the same time. Here's what I already have:
Comp 260 cam kit includes new lifters.
Comp Magnum steel roller rockers.
New push rods as sugested on the info sheet from the rockers.
Rod guides also as suggested from the rockers.
Should I do timing chain and or anything else at this time.
The cars an 80 L48 manual with under 25,000 miles on it. I love it, it just needs longer legs.
Yes, do the timing set. You could have went up a step on the cam w/ manual trans. if you drive hard, unless you want off idle. Roller tip rockers is all you need.
the factory valve springs are fine for the cam you have chose. I wouldnt go much higher than 480 lift
Please, please - replace the timing chain. You will never be made to regret it!!
definitely do the timing chain. if nothing else, do it cause your already there. this way you might save yourself from having to go back later and possibly do it all over.
new tc set

Please do get a new timing chain & gears ... and a new seal in the timing cover! Check snout of harmonic balancer for groove where seal runs on it ... if too deep ... you can fix it. Probably not much groove at 25K ... but check anyway. If needed, the fix is a stainless sleeve (made just for this) available from local parts house ... easy, quick, cheap & durable. No real need for a $100 tcs ... NOR a $20 set ... IMHO a $35 - $55 set would be proper. Comp Cams and Cloyes both have nice tcs ... others too.
After you have it running again, let us know how it affects the overall performance of the engine.
Might as well change and paint the waterpump too if it is old. They are pretty cheap!
If you still have the stock intake change that too while you are in there!!

I just did the same thing a few months ago and I just painted everything that came off the car!! Looks much better now!

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