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cam wiped out!!



I have a 67' 427. The problem is that the back side of the cam gear and the front of the block are wiped out causing the cam to walk back and the lifters to collide with the adjacent cam lobes. The motor was recently rebuilt before I got the car. The top end of the motor sure doesn't have much oil laying in it like you would expect. Does the 67 have the oddball rear cam bearing /race groove difference like the earlier 65-66? And could that be the culprit? Any ideas??

SO sorry to hear that. I'm certainly not a BB man, but I don't ever remember hearing that. What kind of oil pressure were you running at? Possibly a blockage in an oil passage?

We have a few sharp big block guys here. I'm sure they will have an answer shortly.

you can get the front of the block machined and they sell a spacer to put behind the gear to make up the difference. drill a .030 hole in the front of the block into the cam bearing oil passage so it lets oil get to the back of the gear.
sorry to hear about your cam wipe out but there is a difference in cams in the early bb (65-66) they had an oiling groove in the back bearing journal of the cam. this oiling groove was eliminated in later years. "if you are using a camshaft with a grooved rear journal, it is necessary to remove the rear camshaft bearing, solder the bearing oil hole closed, and redrill it to .060-inch diameter. this groove was required for valve lifter oiling, but creates a major internal oil leak in mark iv engines produced after 1966." (qouted from cheverolet power book)

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