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Red Jello

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May 19, 2016
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
2013 Black Convertible Grand Sport
Just giving everyone a friendly Corvette owner wave to all who have the same Corvette interests. Owning a Corvette is more like a sickness sometimes to me. I will share my ownership with you. I ordered my first one in 1972. I would like to search for it and buy it back for the third time if possible. I know... sick huh? Turned into a pretty rare car. Sold it with 10,000 miles on it. Bought it back with about 14 M. 50,000 miles later sold it to a young guy from Winona, MN. I have no idea where or if it still lives and breathes. Elkhart Green LT-1 Coupe with 4 spd. and AC. Tan luxury leather seating and all the bells and whistles. PS, PB, electric windows, Rear window defrost. It even had the correct luggage rack on it as an option from the factory. It had to be dealer installed. Kept it in mint condition. It was a wonderful car and we have lots of memories of it including some long trips to the Rockies from Minnesota. I have owned a total of 15 Corvettes but still cling to the thought of owning my original 1972 LT-1 Coupe again someday. If you know who has it let me know.
I have had fun with all and sometimes had to almost restore some of my cars. Had a 1962 that was driven everywhere with gray primer. Super strong car that fooled many who thought it was just an old slow Vette. The top was missing and it was just great fun to beat on it and tune it. Had a 73 L-82 Coupe with 4 speed. The L82 a real nice engine with a little tuning. Owned another 1970 LT-1. White coupe. Nice fast car. Had a 71 Coupe with the Steel Cities Gray paint. That was an eye catcher. Had a '64 Riverside Red roadster. Replaced the entire upholstery. What a job! I think the carpeting had 27 pieces in the replacement kit. Looked nice when it was done. Planned to keep it but a guy at a car show loved it and his girlfriend liked it even more so it now resides in FL. Bought a real well optioned 65 convertible. Had the 365 h.p. 327. What a great sounding and strong running engine. I am a sucker for small blocks with mechanical lifters. Owned two big blocks. One was a '72 454. Convertible in Ontario Orange. Try changing the rear plugs on that engine. It is miserable task. Owned a '67 Coupe. 427 390 h.p. with AC and 4 speed. Sunfire Yellow w/ white interior and white stinger on the hood. My wife hated that car when she burned her legs on the stock side exhaust. I thought it was a great sounding, soulful running car. 4 speed with AC. I and a friend put the AC back in it from a box of parts. Ran cold! Quite the task. We learned a lot about how to swear. Owned a new 1988 coupe. Ordered it with the 4 plus 3 transmission. Unique shifter. It was a bad luck car. Was oversprayed with about 100 other cars by a guy painting fuel tanks in the next parking lot one day. It had to be completely scraped. Insurance covered it. The transparent roof panel flew out one day going about 70 on the freeway. My fault. Sold it to my nephew and it was backed over at a light by a Ford 350 pickup with a 12" lift kit. Owned a red 2005 C6 coupe. Swore to my wife that it was my last one. Wrong. Traded it in on our present Black, Black on Black 2013 GS convertible with manual. This is probably my last Corvette. Has the LT4 option package. We drove it down to the NCM in Bowling Green with a caravan of over 600 other Corvettes and it was an amazing ride. It can shred the tires in first and second gear and the sound out the back is like music. I turn 70 this summer. I drove a manual Z06 the other night. Scary fast but would be a real nice car to own some day. Maybe...who knows. It is a sickness you know. Thanks for letting me share my Corvette life with you. Drive them like they were built for it. Share the wave! Keep an eye out for my Elkhart green LT-1. I want it back!
Welcome aboard Red! :w You've had quite a story with your Corvettes over the years. I hope that you can find your 72 again. It appears that you have some experience and we can always use that kind of help here. Please join in on the threads. :thumb
Welcome to Corvette Action Center

Welcome aboard we're glad you've joined us :happyanim:1972 LT-1 may be my all time favorite CORVETTE, last year for chrome bumpers front and rear. I was on the hunt for one hear a number of years back and they are just not to be found; or if you do run across one they wanted a small fortune for it!! The 1972 450 C.I. was a 360 HP or so didn't think the 454 C.I. 450 HP was only available in 1970 isn't that ;shrug correct or not?

-Bill :w
Welcome to the CAC

Welcome. Good luck on your search for your '72 LT1.

Reply regarding the 1970 454 LS-7 availability and horse power.

To Hoosier Daddy:
The 454 LS-7 was announced by Chevrolet in 1970. From what I understand, it was an aluminum block. Engines were built and sold to racing enterprises. I don't believe any were ever installed in production Corvettes. The horse power rating was 460. The engine cost was north of $3,000. That was a lot when you compare it to what I paid for my fully optioned 1972 LT-1, a paltry $6,000. What a difference in the prices today. Wow!

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