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Car Polish

Removing wax residue

Nutmeg, first of all, wax is only for cars left outside. Second, polish is for the garage kept cars. Wax contributes the degradation of your paint, especially clear coats. A bear minimum is necessary and should be removed and reapplied monthly. To remove the chaulkie residue, run a tooth brush along the edge until the powder is gone. It will not harm the polish.
Re: Removing wax residue

Vettart said:
Wax contributes the degradation of your paint, especially clear coats. A bear minimum is necessary and should be removed and reapplied monthly.

Hmmm, interesting...never heard of this before. :confused


Painters know that wax is the enemy of new paint. Car owners load the wax on and figure that they are protecting their finish. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wax seals the finish, but it is a temporary coating. Chemically, the paint is smothered in this covering of petroleum or carnuba. I know some people won't believe what I've said so ask a custom painter. Someone who's livelyhood depends on perfect finish and he will tell you that wax left alone is not good.
Birds and bugs

Unfortunately, bird droppings and bug entrails contain acids that damage the paint's surface. I know, the birds got me good! (Or bad as the case may be) Because the surface has been etched. there is little that can be done to repair the surface, even if wax is present. Polish levels the surface and increases reflectablility and wax is a sort cut to a shine but can't compare to true polish. The only true cure for paint damage is wet sanding and buffing. I use Zaino as well but even that (forgive me Sal) can't repair the damage.:cry
Detailing Pt. II "More lessons learned"

I have learned that although the damage left by the bugs bothered me, I could accept it because it was collateral damage caused by someone or something other than myself.

On Sunday I detailed my Black '97 C5 and took my 10-year old out for a quick (within legal limits) spin, upon return home we got caught in a brief shower. My son asked if we could detail the car again, since it was so much fun. Instilling a work ethic, I obliged. However, I inadvertently picked up an applicator with some grit on it and without care began to "swirl" on a coat of Mothers Carnuba. When I removed the substance I began to speak in foreign tongues upon learning that everywhere my applicator went, the clear coat was scratched, OUCH!

I had already filled out my order form for Zainos, but I did not intend to become their leading spokesperson!

I am now holding my breath (so as not to swear outloud) awaiting arrival of Z1, Z2 and Z5. I will also devote a clean applicator and 100% cotton bath towel to my detailing supplies.

I didn't realize the catharisis that "confession to the Corvette Action Forum" would give me, but in a society that seldom hears from anyone who admits their mistakes and seldom, if ever takes responsibility for their actions, I must stand up and say "it was my fault, I just wasn't thinking."
Re: Detailing Pt. II "More lessons learned"

Pkockbassfish said:
..."it was my fault, I just wasn't thinking."

That's the cool thing about this community - we're not afraid to admit our mistakes here. Some of us make more than others. ;)


Do yourself a favour and get some Z6 as well..
Print out all of the Zaino instructions or ask me to send them to you if this is easier.. be glad to oblige! You will not believe the results from Z2, 5 and 6.
Oh heck while you're at it .. spring for some Z7 and Z16 too. may as well be a total convert. Then when you see how well they all work get your leather conditioner and cleaner too.
Give those newly created (swearing under your breath!) swirls a couple of coats of the 5 and you'll wonder where they went. Depending upon the depth.. it may take 3 to 5 coats.
Oh yes, and one more thing.. use a clean applicator!! LOL
I think we went to the same school.. The School of Hard Knocks!!
I've had to learn everything the hard way too. Don't sweat it.
Top of the class to you for your honesty...

P.S. Not everyone agrees with my favourable opinion of Zaino.. I don't care! It truly is the worlds best! I cannot be convinced otherwise!
Fire Glaze Plus

Petroleum based product..non stick,high gloss,no wax,allclimate sealant..This product works extremely well and made our black vette look like a mirror...hard to find and had to order from manufacture....look at member photos @ http://renocorvettes.com/

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