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What kind of wax (polish) is everybody using on their cars?
I highly recomend Zaino. It's expensive but it's also worth every penny. After just one coat of wax my GS is shiny enough for me to shave by, and after 4-5 coats she really lives up to her Eye Candy name. If your willing to take the time required to do it right, Zaino will beat anything else out there.

For more info you can check out their web page at http://www.zainobros.com

I've been using Meguiar's on my '88 but have been following unsolicited testimonials on Zaino products for over a year. I just ordered their clay bar, Z1, Z2, Z5 and Z6 a couple of days ago and am anxiously waiting for the order to arrive! I didn't find them much more expensive than the Meguiar's line I've been using. I'll let you know how the car looks when I'm finished!
I use the 3M Professional Line which is what I was told is used at the end of the Corvette assembly line. I've been really happy with that line and in some ways find some of their products easier to apply and remove than Meguiars. Don't get me wrong though...Meguiars is an awesome product and I still have just about every product they ever made in my garage. :)
Polish and Wax

I use Meguiars #7 show car glaze to really get a shine going. Then to add some protection from the sun I follow that with Meguiars #26 yellow wax. Both are about $7 a bottle.

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Car Wax

I use Klasse Car Care Products, it's a German product, I really like it ;) easy to use with GREAT RESULTS :D

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Zaino is great stuff. The other "forum" site can go overboard talking about it sometimes, so I didn't want to be the one to get it started here. I've used Zaino for about a year, and it is a pretty amazing polish. If you use it, get the detailed instructions off the Zaino web site, and be sure to read them. People who use it almost never go back to anything else. :D
I use Zaino. Don't know how well it stands up to the weather but it sure does shine like crazy at a show. Yea it's expensive but if you follow the instructions you will find that a little goes along way!
I've been using Zaino for about 2 years now. It converted this long time Meguiars user! The first time Zaino process is a little time consuming, but the follow-up applications are simple!
Here's an update on my Zaino purchase. My husband and I washed, clay barred, and applied one coat each of Z1, Z5 and then Z2 yesterday. We'll do another coat of Z2 today and see how much deeper the shine is. We're both very impressed already!! More updates later!
XXLBlock said:
I've been using Zaino for about 2 years now. It converted this long time Meguiars user! The first time Zaino process is a little time consuming, but the follow-up applications are simple!

Don't forget your Z6! Gotta follow the rules! lol
Oh yeah, Tanzanite!! I forgot to mention Z6 in my posts, but I haven't forgotten to put it on the Lemon Peel!! Hubby and I are sold on Zaino! We have our '74 in the shop having the exterior totally redone and should have it back in 3 weeks or so. How long should we wait before any polish? That one should really show the shine as it's orange.
How Long

My wife had her Honda repainted a year and a half ago. The next day I had Z1, Z2, Z6, Z2, Z6 on it.. It's black and NEVER looked as good! Most paint processes today are A-ok for Zaino immediately.
paint & polishes

The 78 was painted last fall...and not very well, I might add!
Since we have moved, I do not know what recourse I will have to recoup the money I paid for a shoddy job.
This shop left rubbing compound (?) on many parts of the car, particularly the edges, creases, headlight bezels and left the wash-residue on the parts under the hood (radiator, etc...)
I have lightly washed the 78 twice, and I keep finding mistakes! Besides the compound left in areas, there is 'peel on the side mirrors, side mirrors were incorrectly installed and I see mostly pillar-post in the reflection, not cars/road! There is a lrg spot of clear paint dripped on the rear window, crackles in the clear on one corner edge of the nose, overspray and the gouges under the rear emblem were not repaired satisfactorily.
Can a zaino application help fix any of this?
If Only!

78.. I wish it were an elixir for all things bad! However it is not. It is just the worlds absolute best show car polish there is. You must begin with a very good base. Zaino will make it shine like molten glass and keep it looking that way for a long time. The process is simple to do and the results are incredible!
For the procedures to follow when applying Zaino go to www.zainobros.com.
The chemical formulae are Sal Zaino's. . .

When we first bought our Vette, it had acid rain marks.. Quite deep ones on the top surfaces. Zaino will fill in and remove small swirl marks left by Car Washes (shudder), Dusters (shudder) and just the removal of extensive driving dirt with a hand wash. We had the paint professionally wet-sanded and then applied the Zaino following Sal's instructions to the letter. The finisher who did the paint detailing commented that he has never seen a better polish! He was very impressed with the results.. has just purchased some product and will be trying it once all this GD snow is gone.

So, 78, I don't think it will solve all your problems. Sorry you had a buckshee job done. Shoddy workmanship sucks. I'll bet that most folks don't even see the same thing that you do though! Unless you were hoping for an NCRS quality paint job and paid the price for one, you should just tackle all the ones you can and clean them up one by one. Use Zaino on the finish to make it sparkle and shine. That will impress people so much that they will not even look closely enough to see the remaining blemishes .. if there are any!

Good luck.
Your Car

After reading all these comments and endorsements I get one impression: everyone is enthusiastic about "their" product!

Did you ever notice that you know and see every imperfection, ding and scratch on your baby. It's hard to believe, but not everyone sees them. All of the favorable comments prove that!

I've just had a distressful thing done to my car. We went to a popular restaurant for dinner. I parked my car away from the crowd. When we came out to leave I found that my car had been "keyed" up and down both sides. I don't understand why someone would do that. I don't know if it can be repaired or must be repainted. I don't even want to think about it now.

The Nutmegbronze has unfortunately over the last 20 years, gotten some very small "pitting" in the multiple clear coats just above the headlight panels and especially along the leading edges of the T-Tops (mine are painted not glass). The waxes I've been using leave a small amount of white wax residue no matter how careful I apply and buff in these areas. What is the best wax/polish to use to eliminate as much as possible this annoying residue in the pits?

Shine....... she sure does, but it looks like I got hit with paint spray.

.......... Nut

Just gotta try it!

Hey Nut:

I read a lot about it on the other forum.. Decided that if it was only 1/2 as good as what everyone was saying that it would be worth it!
I tried it. It is! The rest is history!
You need to try it too.
Another convert in the making.
Believe it or not..... leaves no residue! Honest Injun!

Sorry to hear about your car getting keyed. Did it just happen?


I'm kind of curious, what it is that makes Zaino so much better than all the other waxes and polishes on the market?

For years, I've heard fantastic things about Zaino, but just haven't bothered to try it...mainly because I've always been faithful to Meguiars and now 3M products. One of the reasons why I've stuck with those two lines for as long as I have is because both have been around for decades and I figured that with years of experience and countless amount of dollars in research and development, they would be hard to beat.

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