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Well today is saturday and I went to a car show in Logan, Utah . It's about 45 minutes away from my house, there were mustangs,firebirds,camaro's and old and new cars, but what I wanted to see the most were the "CORVETTE'S". and the one's I saw wern't a pride to corvettes. my thoughts on taking a corvette to a car show is to show off your pretty much imaculate car, no sir , out of about 15 corvettes there only 4 were good enough for me to have put in the show.. maybe it's me , but i think a corvette should be a show car on and off the road, also if you can't afford to keep them up "sell them". I am going to enter my 1980 CORVETTE" into a car show in cleafield utah in august. everyone tells me I need to so I am..what do you think. look at my signature picture and let me know...
Sometimes it depends on what the car show benefits whether or not cars that are not quite show quality are entered along with show quality cars. We have cars in our club that aren't show quality, but our show proceeds go to benefit our high school scholarship fund and several local charities. We only have one show a year, so that is our main fund raiser. :) We appreciate every car that is entered in the show. :W:
this car show had no benefiiary, just car enthusiasists.
My husband and I show both our Corvettes, but only in all-Corvette judged shows. That way, we are competing against similar cars in the same range of years. We don't want to be part of all-car shows where the judges may not be familiar with Corvettes, nor do we want to be in "participants' choice" shows. We consider those simply popularity contests as a lot of participants vote for their friends! We enjoy the thrill of competing in shows where our detailing work and the condition of the car is judged against others. That type of show isn't for everyone, but I think you're ready for one!! Try it!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
thanks for the information, do you really think i am ready for a car show and can you give me some pointers, since i will be a rookie and ya'll seem like pro's
Pristine Show Cars


There is absolutely nothing more gorgous than seeing a pristine Corvette regardless of the age. However, many of us own our Vette's to drive them as aften as possible. There is also nothing more exhilarating then to drive a Corvette and see the admiration from pedestrians and other drivers. But you drive a car and it's going to get dinged up. I think you'll find many more people who will admire a Corvette that has survived 100K+ or much more miles and may not be in pristine "show" condition than you'd think. My '72 had close to 200K on her. Was never going to win a show, but I got a ton of positive comments for having kept her running and still nice all those miles. My '81 has 70K and counting and I'll put her in a show in a heartbeat just to show her off. Enjoy being a Corvette owner and take care of your '80 with as much enthusiasm as you have, but next time don't pass over the "less than perfect" plastic. You many find many as interesting story that goes along with all those miles (and dings).

Good Luck.......... Nut
shows & upkeep or sell

78 was in need of paint for about 5 years before we could afford to have it done. It does not mean we loved her or took care of her any less! 78 is a daily driver with over 200k, and she does show wear. Mechanically she is sound and reliable, VERY important qualities in my book. With her new paint she looks as good as she runs. He interior shows wear, and that is our next major project, then it will be time to start over again at the begining. I love my Corvette, and I love being a part of the Corvette 'family', here at CACC and on America's roads.

I think my love for my Vette far outweighs how my pocket book floats in the water and how long I have to wait to save up project money for her.

I feel very strongly about the population of housepets put to sleep every year...however, even a poor household that can only afford to feed grocery store pet food and not afford regular veterinary care, is still loving that animal and giving it a better home than it would have on the street or in the pound. (I'd like to see more of these animals spayed and neutered...) Certainly it would get better care in a household with more cash-flow, but I feel the quality of the love it's given counts highly, too.

Many families can barely afford their children, let alone pets and vehicles! It's the love and care that counts. Not the money.

Carlson, it sounds like your Vette is in a very nice condition. You should definitely enter it into shows. The more shows you enter, the more people you will meet. Judging is different for many of them. The shows I promoted thru our club were all participant's choice voting. I assisted at a show here in GA, which was judged by a written club standard. Some were judged from 5' away, while other classes the judge looked under the hood and at the interior. Attend several shows and ask an official how they do their judging. Good luck, and post any show results!

There are different kinds of car shows...as Silver indicated...therefore, different judging standards will exist. Hubby and I show ours typically in "show 'n shines"...these are judged by people very familiar with Corvettes and points are given based on cleanliness and condition of the car.

Alan (hubby) shows his 74 (with 100K miles) in the Street division where it is inspected only on the exterior and from 3' away. His interior needs revamping, probably next year, so he doesn't want that judged. I show the 88 in Super Street class where everything on the exterior and interior is checked, but not under the hood. They can best be described as "white glove inspections".

All shows are fun, regardless of the type, because you're mixing with people who share your love of cars. We've met a lot of friends through the show circuit here in New England, and you begin to compete against each other, too.

I've become a detailing expert! There are a lot of "tricks" to getting a car ready for a show. Enter one or two and get a feel for it. But whatever you do, enjoy your Corvette!!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
I'm sorry if i affended anyone by saying that you shouldn't show your corvette if it isn't in good shape. I am 44 yrs old and it has taken me this long to get a vette, i have raised three kids and that took most of my money, now i can take care of my vette as if it were one of my kids. I really appreciate and thank all of you for your friendship/advice/confidence. As my wife says to me all the time "don't be so critical of everyone and everything" and shes's right.
You didn't offend me...

But I did get myself bent out of shape...:eyeroll
...and I think I should appologize to you. I am sorry for taking exception. I love my car and am proud of her...but I also know her limitations, with the wear on her interior I know she isn't show quality. I will continue to drive her every day and just enjoy driving her.
This morning, after re-reading the thread, I think I jumped the gun....perhaps, rather than let a vette rot or fall to pieces, it should be sold to someone who would try to resurect it. Any care is better than no care, certainly.
Please accept my appology.

"NO APOLOGY REQUIRED'.... I think were all a lot tempermental about our vettes and we sometimes act like parents this way. for instance if you kid is dirty , you say something, same with cars, my biggest problem my wife says I have is " i say things and then think afterwards". everyones vette is gonna be different and there are all kinds of styles and colors.
Car Shows


I try to make as many shows as my work schedule allows. Since I work every other weekend and summer projects must be completed I realistically make 5-6 shows. They are a ton of fun. Meeting other car enthusiests, and just enjoying the day out in the sun. If you manage to trophy.....even better. Put a killer shine on that 80 of yours, clean-up the interior real nice, and slick up those tires a bit. Enjoy yourself......thats what it's all about. GOOD LUCK!!:W:

Right now I know the interior on my 92 really needs work, but with it being the white interior it's really hard to keep up. Also will be kind of difficult to find to correct replacements, when I can afford it. The white is showing quite a bit of not really what you would call wear, but maybe marks and such. :eek The backs of the seats need to be repainted? I think that's what I was told. But I still clean her up the best that I can and enter her in show and shines, anyway.:W:

My interior does not have many 'marks', but the leather seats are definitely showing wear, and the piping has cracked with the little cable (?) coming out. The seat backs need replacing. One is missing, one is cracked. The dash looks great, it has a crack I can see only if I stand outside the vette and look in thru the windshield. Driver carpet needs replacing, should replace all carpet, and the door panels have holes from someone closing the doors with the seatbelt latch in the way.
She is showing her miles!


I think you guys are maybe missing the point of owning a vette...:nono

Namely, to have fun!

Now, Donna and I participated in the recent car show and parade here in Cleveland (with our daily driver '62). AND Let me tell you, there were some NICE cars (all makes).

We didn't start out to actually participate, but rather just to go up and check it out. Well, when we got there, they waved us into the show lot and we parked.

Several people said, "Why aren't you guys showing?" and we said, "well our car is not primo" and the overwhelming response was "SO WHAT?!" Everyone though the car was so cool that we should join in, so we did. We ended up in the parade circuit cruise and it was a blast. Every time someone complemented our car, we would demure and say, "well it's not cherry":eyerole to which we would get these raised eyebrows and a "SO what? It's a VETTE!":cool

SO anyway, if people are expecting to see Super Restored/High Buck Cars, then that's fine, but most people go to see COOL cars. ESPECIALLY YOUNGSTERS. And Vettes are high on most folks Cool Chart.


Rick and Donna:beer
Rick and Donna,

That's the way we feel!:) Also most of the members of our local club feel that way. That's why our show is a participants choice show, rather than a judged show. We have clubs come from as far as 200 miles away to attend, granted not many so far but we're growing.:W:
You're Here Rick & Donna?

Nice to see Rick & Donna here again. I haven't seen you guys in so long I thought you might be doing a major road trip since you got the 62 back together.

I waited 38 years for my 62 CS, and as much as I'd like to send it out with a blank check, the truth of the matter is, I can't. I drive it very regularly and get tons of enjoyment and compliments every time I go out. I didn't take any offense to your statement, but I like Silver's way of thinking. It is to the owner what they want it to be, stock, modified, custom, show or driver. That's one of what I think is the best parts of this site, diversity. I applaud you in your journey to show your car and wish you luck. I go to the local shows with a poster in my window that reads, "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" but the main reason I go is for the knowledge I gain, and the tremendous comradery. I've made some new but what I feel are true friends. Hopefully, you'll meet the same caliber of people in the shows you enter.:D
Rick and Donna

Just as I figured. You have been out having so much fun with the '62 that you haven't had time to check in here. Good for you!!

Wednesday I was driving going into Ogden Ut and i noticed a yellow what seemed to be a ferrari, but on closer examination as I got closer to it it was a "VETTE" that had been modified nad it was horrible. Why in the world do people want to mess up a vette? it makes me sick when people butcher vettes to make them something else. give me your opinion on this..

Back in the 70's and early 80's there were a few radical customs done on a number of Corvettes. I think most were done as CanAm kits. At first I felt as you CS, but as I saw more and more I grew to like them.

It is a personal touch of the owner, a statement if you will and they LOVE their Corvette every bit as much as you or I do. I have a lot of pictures of CanAM Corvettes taken at various Black Hills Corvette Classics. There are some really beautiful Corvettes.

Even your 80 has been modified with lower body panels :D


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