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Carb & Headers


Craig Red 65

Have an old Holley 4150 on my 327. Bought it w/headers so choke heater line is just hanging in thin air. Have to use a stick on the gas pedal to warm it up. Carb needs to be replaced, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, headers are starting to rust a tad. Any ideas on painting them to get them back to original aluminum color?

Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
'67 Marina Blue Convertible
Craig -

I've used 600CFM Holley 4150's (#0-80145) on many project cars over the last eight years - dual-feed, vacuum secondaries, center-hung floats, electric choke; Jeg's has them for about $250.00. The new Holley Avenger series is essentially the same, but prettier, for about $75 more. The #0-80145 is a great carb right out of the box, will bolt right in to replace yours, and you'll have a choke that works!

I know of no "paint", regardless of the marketing hype, that will last on headers; ceramic-coating is the only way to go. New headers, already coated (inside and out) don't cost much more than having an old set ceramic-coated, and every header manufacturer offers them.

Craig -1965

Hello Craig,
I just replaced my 37 year old Holley with an original "NEW" 600 cfm/electric choke Holley P/N 80457 (I converted to manual choke). Cost of $239.00, no doubt the best $239.00 I've spent on the old "red head". When a carburetor gets old and is subjected to time and heat (I found warpping in areas) a rebuild kit just dosen't fix the leaks. Besides no one to "btch" at when it's done and doesn't give you the performance you desire.

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