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Dec 27, 2001
Wyoming N.Y.
1961 270HP and 1963 340HP
Looking for information on the converting a wcfb 3696s for automatic transmission to a 3697s for a standard transmission. This carburetor will be used on a 1965 base 250HP restoration project.

Thanks Ray

I'll look in my WCFB box and see what I can find. I don't think I have any that new though but maybe some parts for a stick carb.

Carter carburetor

Tom, Thanks for any help! Ray
WCFB,AFB,Holly.....all of them

Call Gary Hodges in Salem, Oregon @503-588-3883. He has been the NCRS carb expert for 20 plus years. He also teaches Carb restoration in College and Shop school. Great guy and lots of help on differences and has lots of parts to help.

Chuck Smith in Calabasas, Ca is also an excellt source. He is listed in Hemmings under carbs.
Good luck,
the big difference is the linkage for the PG kick down. the carbs are the same inside.
WCFB Carburetor

Thanks! It should be east to retro-fit for the standard transmission.
I used to believe that the carbs for standard transmission cars didn't have the extra tab on the bottom of the primary shaft lever for the PG kickdown linkage but not any more. I just went out to the garage to refresh my mind and I checked 2 original 270 hp rear carbs, a '56 rear carb, and a single 4bbl off of a 230 hp 283 base motor that was a 4 speed. They all have the extra tab off the bottom for the PG linkage to connect to and we all know that the 270 was a stick only engine. I don't know if this might have changed towards the end of WCFB usage or not. I'm still going to look for that other article but I'm beginning to think that if you got a repro carb tag from Paragon with the stick info on it knowone would be able to tell the difference.

Hi! Tom

Thanks for the research. I have been reading Richard Newton's Restoration Guide 1963-1967 and there is a section on the use of the WCFB carburetor on the 1964. Some of the 1964 power glides left the factory with the WCFB 3697S, not the 3696S. This would make me think that they are very close, but there must be a difference. I have purchased a 3696S that just came off a 1964. When I receive it I will check it against the carburetors on the 270HP 1961.

Again, thanks for all the help!


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