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changing front brake calipers


john davis

my right front brake caliper is leaking so I thought I would go ahead and change both front brake calipers . Auto zone has calipers for 59.99 stainless steel they say sounds like a good price pads for 9.99 per caliper 30.00 for performance pads well what is the difference in performance pads and the cheaper ones are they worth the extra money also are their callipers of good quality? also going to change the rubber brake lines while I am at it can a person still run dot 3 brake fluid in ss calipers or would I want to? thanks for any info
John, I was in a hurry to get my vette back on the road for a club cruise so I purchased the Auto Zone calipers ,I saved my old ones ,they hve work great.I use the silicone fluid, alot of people don't like it but it don't get moisture in it. I also have a 68 Mustang that the brakes would lock up switch it over about three yrs. haven't lock up since.

My wife's '81 has had silicone fluid in it since new with absolutely no brake problems. I would go for the performance pads. Cheap are usually just that. Cheap. Will make a lot of dust, won't stop that well and won't last very long.

I think that Auto Zone sells Performance Friction Carbon Metalic pads. They are supposed to shorten your stopping distance considerably. A good brand name in high performance/racing pads too. Tom
I personally don't like the Carbon Metallics.

I had them on my 75 and the right front outboard and left rear inboard pads came loose from their backing plates.

I now use the good organic pads from Rayestos. They work great for my driving.


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