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Thoughts from you guys on the following, (although Im not sure all of them are issues with the Vett motor, I know they are on the 98 WS6 motors)
1)Throttle body coolent passage blocking.
2)Milling the throttle body so as to make sure the throttle blades open all the way, possibly adding a new throttle stop.
3)The form fitting (no we arnt talking tampax here) air splitter to the face of the throttle body.
4)aftermarket throttle bodies(yes Im obsessed)
any other cheep mods

Any gain in HP will be slight if you replace only the throttle body. I'm not familiar with the air induction system of the WS6, but the only reason I replaced my TB was to take full advantage of a ram air induction system. And it was actually less expensive than the TB.

You are trying to spend too much money , a cold air duct system or opened up air box with the MAF screen removed with a new high flow air duct (duct that goes over the rad ) will gain you 20 HP , all of the air induction system work the same , produce more power than stock (Ram Air , K&N , Whisper) They are all good .
The new LSI does not have the splitter in the middle of the throttle body . I have not seen anything about headers on the C-5's , I do not know if it is worth it , if you have an A4 you can try a TC , Check my post on Stall Converters , it new so maybe no post yet .If you have any good Hi Po tips , let me know .
Thanks ,
Good to know, thanks guys..What are some other relativly cheep mods to do, and what are your suggestions on the best parts??
as far as the throttlebody mods..check out http://www.ws6.com/mod-8.htm complete with dyno sheet comparo!?!?!?
www.ws6.com had alot of mods done and comparo dyno runs. VERY worth checking out..
I got a Z06 airbox and installed it. SOTP performance is enhanced and feels great.
From the page:
The 2002 Air Cleaner Top Housing Cover is a SIMPLE snap-in replacement of the cover on any C5!! Our customers have reported a HUGE difference in throttle response in all gears and at all speeds. It obviously works because it is standard on the 2002 Z06! This is the least expensive and most effective modification you can make. We can't wait for someone to tell us the difference on the dyno and/or at the track!

Call Bob or Tom today at 406-628-4618 to purchase these items!!
Damion, I was going to respond in a PM, but then I thought my "wisdom", i.e., "two-cents", would serve better here in public. ;)
Who needs to worry about winter warm up on a car that only sees the track?
Actually, the coolant passes through the throttle body to prevent icing at high air flows. You are correct in assuming that we don't need it here though. ;)

I bypassed mine not in the hopes of gaining horsepower, although it was desired, but to lower the underhood temperatures anyway I can. If you're working on the engine, and you lean on the throttle body with the coolant flow routed through the TB, it's likely to burn. Bypass the coolant flow and you'll be amazed at how much cooler it is.

I can see what you're talking about from the dyno link you provided (What was that site by the way? http://www.ws6.com/mod-8.htm), but as I've said, I didn't expect a hp gain. Everything I had read about bypassing the TB mentioned the fact that the air is flowing at such a rate that there was very little heat transfer from the TB to the incoming air, and that bypassing the coolant flow would really have no effect. Makes sense if you understand heat transfer. ;)

But if the dyno proves otherwise, who am I to argue the point? I think it runs better, but that's just my SOTP feeling.

The "air foil" however is a different animal. There are gains to be had by smoothing the incoming air flow, but it is only effective at WOT. The same applies to the "ram air" devices, only in that case, you also have to be up to speed for it to have any effect. ;)

_ken :w
I have replaced the air lid and the air filter only and I have gotten better response already. I am planing on replacing the air flow duct as well.

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