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Chip report



This week I installed a thermomaster chip, the 160 degree thermostat AND the 160 degree fan switch on my 84. The easiest part was the chip. Two little bolts and the ecm slid right out. No neck cramps or broken back. I sat/nelt on the ground and it took about 5 or 10 minutes to get it out and back in. The powerstat took a good 10-15 minutes just to get all the crap out of the way to get to the d*mn thing, and the fan switch was a knuckle buster. (hint: you don't have to drain the antifreeze, but it makes it less messy) I think the fan switch it critical and the temp doesn't get much above 165.

Bottom line is that it was ALL worth it. This baby shifts so smoothly when you drive it easy it is like a cady, but when you mat it--hold on. It drops down a couplea gears, presses you into the seat, and winds those gears out like a racecar. I found that it shifts at 4100 and gets 41mph out of 1st, 61mph out of 2nd and 106mph out of 3rd. I'm still working on 4th gear. I also notice that the car is quite a bit quieter. Not a good or bad thing, cause I like the sound, but definately different.

The chip I took out had "delco CDR" on it. Does anybody know if this is an aftermarket chip or stock? Like I said, it made the car louder because it seemed to like 4th gear and it rumbled a lot, also it caused the car to "brake" when you took your foot off the gas. It used to slow down by itself and nearly downshifted with a distinctive "bop, bop bopbop". Now it coasts more.

End of rant...I endorse the change. Lemme know what YOU think.
Thx for the info...what brand of chip did you use and did you assume your engine was stock? I just recently purchased my '84 and am planning to contact the previous owner to ascertain any mods accomplished...
Drewser, glad to hear the install was a success. The chip and thermostat make a nice difference. You should also notice that the car runs a lot cooler now also......

"what brand of chip did you use and did you assume your engine was stock?"

Yes, the engine was stock. I have all the reciepts for work done on the car from the previous owner. I used a hypertech thermomaster. I'm just curious if the old chip (Delco CDR) might have been a hot chip. I found a reciept for "change chip" in 1990.
Heh Drewser. I don't live that far from you. (Bloomington,Il)
How bout I come and see you and you can walk me throught these instalations? I to have an 84, and have been thinking about these same mods to start off with.

Beers on me.


That would be cool Big Stub, but you live 4 1/2 hours away from me down I-74. I'm in the far southeastern point of Indiana, where Indy, KY and Ohio meet. If you still wanna come, let me know and I'll fire up the grill. I have a keg in the basement so I can handle the brewskies :beer :J :D
Drew. Thanks for the invite. Maybe in the spring. I love road trips.
Nice car by the way. Put my email in your address list and stay in contact. I like to keep fellow 84 folks close at hand.

Stay safe...



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