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Chirping from engine area 1981 Auto in reverse under load


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Oct 14, 2014
1981 Black Coupe Red Interior
I noted a high pitch chirping from the engine area when auto trans is in reverse. No noise until I put it under load. No noise in neutral of forward gears. Any ideas?::eek:hnoes
check your belts,make sure they are tight
I would guess a problem in the trans.
The engine runs the same no matter what gear you are in; so if the problem was in the engine the it should be replicated in all gears.
I have owned my 81 for over 30 years and it has always "squealed" when driven in reverse. I have heard others describe the same thing. Hasn't bothered anything else in all these years, so I just consider it one of the many little idiosyncrasies of the beast

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