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Cjanging Shocks



I'm changing shocks on the 69 this morning. According to the Haynes (YUCK) manual, this job looks pretty straight forward. Are there any "gotcha's" out there of which I should be aware?

Dave, The front shocks are pretty much an easy job, if you have the tools. However, the back ones can be a PITA. The top bolt is the worse. I goes in at a little of an angle, but if you hook it up first, and play with it a little it will fit. You mat have to bend out the upper mount, a little to get the holes to align. Do not let the wheels hang. Use a jack, or jack stand, to hold up on the trailing arm. The trailing arm will drop past the normal shock travel.................Hope this helps.........Steve
Thanks Steve, nothing is usually as easy as it seems. You mentioned that the fronts are easy if you have the right tools. What are the right tools?

The Haynes manual mentioned that the rear wheels need to be supported when removing and installing the shocks.


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